This is 35

Well goodbye 34, Hello 35!  I have a really good feeling about 35, I don’t know why, it just feels like I’ve hit this tipping point.  It might be the tipping point into full-blown insanity, but you know whatever, I’m going with it.

We spent that past 2 weeks dealing with a cold then a stomach bug, then a cold, then a stomach bug, everyone was sick.  There was an ER visit, a pediatrician visit, an urgent care visit, and I went in for allergy testing.  It was a very very dark time.  Somehow we made it through, and at this point I am ready to go on a single person vacation to get away from the madness.  It wasn’t JUST illness.  It was illness with needing to find a way to stay home, take care of kids, take care of oneself, catch up with work, find child care, argue about taking medicine, Bennett’s Crabby Phase, and the fact that everyone refused to eat.  Oh and one day my car wouldn’t start (seriously I’m going to burn that thing down).

On the upside, everyone is finally fully functioning.  Bennett is somewhat Less of a crab.  Harrison is back to nonstop talking.  I am back to spending hundreds of dollars at the grocery store every few days.

Also during this 2 weeks of terror, I didn’t get to barre class because I was taking care of my family – which is how it should be of course, but seriously my stress and anxiety went from managed to me just like freaking out.  I went today and I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow… unfortunately and fortunately, I’m signed up for the 7am class – eek.  I know in the end I’ll be happy that I went.  Especially because I ate 7 cupcakes and several pieces of cake this week.  I really miss the time at barre to decompress even if it’s painful.

So my allergy testing.  I have an allergy to tree nuts now.  Not peanuts, just tree nuts.  I discovered this fun fact after eating almonds a couple days in a row and experiencing severe coughing after and an internally itchy throat and chest.  It did go away pretty quickly though, so it wasn’t like a huge deal or anything.  I don’t know.  Like I believe it, but I also kind of don’t…. I put almond milk in my lattes sometimes, I use things with argan oil (is that a tree nut?), I used to eat Nutella once in a while, and I eat things with traces of nuts like all the time.  Anyhow, I did skin testing for like top allergens and environment stuff.  I’m allergic to like every single tree out there as well and dust.  Like I had a huge reaction to dust, and my house carries a LOT of dust bunnies because cleaning is for the birds and I don’t feel like I react to it.  So I don’t know… maybe the dust in my house is dust but not necessarily heavy with dust mites?  Allergies are like so complex.  It was really interesting to compare Harrison’s allergist to mine.  She was way way more low key and casual.  Harrison’s allergist is like really old school taking handwritten notes, dictating sometimes, and he has sort of an older way of thinking.  I’m wondering if we should try this other doctor for Harrison… but again, I don’t know, allergies are complex and I obviously don’t really understand them.

Other big changes – I let my eyebrows fully grow in, like two oddly shaped caterpillars across my face.  I started going for electrolysis because I realized that I became a really really overly compulsive eyebrow tweezer and suddenly they looked like Wrong – all kinds of wrong.  Too thin at the ends, oddly shaped and mismatched, and I just need to like Not tweeze them ever again.  I’m totally loving it or loving that someone is finally helping me shape my brows and it will be on a permanent basis at some point and I can have one less thing that I compulsively do.  Now I need to find a way to stop biting my cuticles, I’ve taken it to a whole new level. I keep thinking that it can’t get worse, and then it does.

But anyhow, super into 2017 / being 35, having almost fully functioning kids and no more babies.

This is a picture of Harrison and his BFF after she stabbed him in the back of the head with her fork at her birthday party.  He was pleased.  Don’t feel bad though, only an hour later she fell off a sled going down an icy hill and scratched up her chin pretty good.  Bennett also fell through the back of a chair while sitting at the table.  Typical kids party!


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