Constant Evolution

Project – Take My Life Back (or AKA in my house as My Mid-Life Crisis) continues.

Full foil, glaze, and haircut later I’m practically blonde.  Now I actually dry my hair in the morning and style it.  Sometimes I even break out my flat iron and make it all kinds of awesome with waves.  If that weren’t enough, I did a week cleanse where I ate pre-planned and pre-packed lunches that were absurdly healthy.  I even made smoothies with coconut milk, maple water, fruit, and vegetarian protein powder.  I started taking multivitamins and probiotics.  I may have discovered an allergy to almonds even…

I’m still taking a lot of barre classes.  I try to do 4 per week.  It’s insanely painful and hard, but I really do love every second of it.  I feel so good while doing it, after it, and my entire outlook on life has significantly improved.  It’s funny that I grew up doing gymnastics, and yet somehow I’m the most flexible I’ve ever been in my entire life right now.  I’d go everyday if I could, for real, it’s been life changing and so uplifting.  Totally my new obsession, but like a good one – way better than when I was obsessed with Oreos or salted caramel ice cream.

This has been a painful week.  I’ve had strep throat and a stomach bug.  I can only assume both came through my kids daycare somehow.  I worked through it all and even did barre through it all.  I showed those germs who was boss, sort of.  I just was too busy to take the time off from work, and I didn’t want to pay for any late cancels at barre, so I just like kept on trucking.

I’m a really busy person, but I love my boys to smithereens.  I feel like I focus like 90% of my energy on them and then like 10% on everything else… so it’s a bit surprising that I forgot my little one’s 15 and 18 month wellness visits for his vaccines and also did not plan a 4th birthday party for my older one when last year we threw a massively overdone party.  MOM FAIL! x 2.  Bennett got vaccinated a few days ago – so don’t worry, and Harrison will have a tiny family party with lots of balloons and star wars decor.  We have like 5 birthday parties coming up so it became evident that scheduling one was going to be a battle, maybe next year we’ll plan ahead… maybe.

We’re back to the bedtime battle with Harrison.  He’s almost 4 years old and we need to lay in his bed with him to get him to fall asleep (this can take 15 minutes to over an hour), and then sometime in the night he comes into our bed.  For a while this wasn’t that bad, he was falling asleep relatively quickly and then coming into our bed wasn’t a huge deal because we’d all just go back to sleep.  This week he’s kept me in his room past 10pm more than once, then still came in our bed.  He’s stealing my free time at night.  By the time we’re done with that madness, it’s time for us to go to bed.  Seriously losing my mind.  We need to work on this again.  There are going to be a lot of snot and tears, but like W.T.F.  I just want to eat a cupcake and drink a glass of wine while watching TV to unwind for 30 minutes at night – this apparently is asking too much.  Harrison would rather make me his bitch.  Toddlers… the most complex and demanding beings in the universe. WHY?!

When we are able to fix his sleeping issues, I’m going to book us a Carribean vacation.  Like a real one dammit!!!  Without Kids, or if they must come they better be sleeping in their own damn beds.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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