The Agony of Fish Tank Drama

Friday morning I had 45 glorious minutes from the time the kids got out the door to my first conference call of the morning.  Normally, I’d just start working or doing the dishes.  I’ve been so run down and busy and stressed with everything that I was like: World, everything can flipping wait!  I put on a face mask and sipped a hot coffee – like actually deliciously hot, not cold because I forgot about it while working.  Later, I sipped on flacid cold coffee but it was warm for at least one moment in my hectic day.


I am 100000% exhausted.

I followed this gorgeous look with a deep conditioning hair mask while returning emails and then I forgot about it and it sat in my hair for like 2 hours – not a bad thing though, just kind of hard to wash out completely hardened and crispy conditioner.

Work is so insane right now.  It’s usually insane at this time of year but it’s somehow Far Far worse this year.  Guys, I called Bennett  “Benefit” twice this week.  TWICE!  My own child and I’m referring to him in work terms.  It’s like really sad.

I think I’m coming down with something.  My husband was a trooper enough to let me take an hour nap today while Bennett napped, and then he gave me the massage appointment that I made for Him.  Still totally exhausting even after all that.  Life is really wearing me down right now.

Did I mention we had 2 fish deaths this week?  In our tank of 6 fish, 2 of them bit the dust after changing some water.  It was the Ph level that did them in.  1 of the dead ones might be stuck in there still but I’m refusing to handle that.  We’ve been fish tank owners for long enough that we have a full on water testing kit and can tell when things are turning bad.  So then today, we bring Harrison to Petco (not my favorite place to buy fish) to pick out 1 new fishy.  I head to the chinchillas with Bennett for 10 minutes (dude loved the chinchillas!) and I come back to learn that Harrison picked out a Massive fish, like clearly a really terrible choice for a 10 gallon tank with fish already in there.  So momma had to be the bad guy and tell Harrison that the fish was way too big and point out the sign that nobody else seemed to see that said it would grow to 8 inches.  First of all, when that sucker dies I Do Not want to have to scoop out an 8 inch fish – gross.  And Second, it was just a bad choice.  Some Idiot at the store put this stupid fish in with much smaller fish and like Obviously the wrong tank.  Anyhow, Harrison was upset he couldn’t get the “fat fish” (it was a parrot fish or something) he wanted but he settled for one of those like little neon fish.

We also had school photos this week which means Harrison took his photo and Bennett took his photo and then they both took a sibling photo.  I got them up, I put on outfits they already had… and realized they wore the same exact outfits at the last photo session, so changed them, and then got out the comb and hair spray.  Neither of them were feeling it.  The proofs came back a few days later, and sure I bought them anyhow, but they were not good.  Bennett is Always making a face like “I’m not really sure what is going on so I’m going to just stare at you blankly with my mouth open”, in like all photos unless I make him laugh.  I coached Harrison for days leading up to photo day telling him that he had to show Bennett how to take a nice picture like a big boy and then we’d send the photos to his cousins – and there is nothing he loves more than his cousins.  I’d give his effort a solid 6.  It’s cool though, I did my own photo session with the kids the prior weekend because I Knew they’d shit the bed on this one.  I got a few good ones but out of the few good ones there were at least 55 hilarious ones with one of them crying.

Tomorrow, Harrison starts 10 weeks of “learn to skate” classes.  Like hockey skates and milk crates!  I don’t really want him to play hockey later on because he’s clearly going to be a shrimp, but I do want him to learn how to skate when he’s young, just like he’s learning to swim now too (and seriously he’s like really steadily improving on the swimming front).  I know it’s going to go really poorly, like we might not even make it onto the ice but all we can do is keep trying.  And like how cute is a kid in a hockey helmet?!  Bennett is going to be so jealous…. but really Bennett is jealous of Every Single Thing on the planet right now anyhow.  Today I had to put their shopping cart into a toy time out because they wouldn’t stop fighting over it and it was one of those like really really loud and cat-screeching-like episodes.  Abe and I were both like: W.T. FFFFFFF.?? So now there is a shopping cart in our bedroom and there will be for Several Days to Several Months – much like the 2 fart guns, 1 nerf gun, and the bow and arrow.

Is it almost Christmas vacation?  Wait… is it almost time for them to go to College?

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