2 Boys, no more babies here

It’s official.  This house has no more babies – {tear}.  Bennett drank his very last bottle last week.  I was still giving him a bottle before bed because he liked it so much but then it seemed like he started to enjoy it a bit less and I knew it was time.  It also coincides with him becoming an absolute PILL.

He is So Clingy now, and he screams and pushes and punches me in the face sometimes.  He gets So So mad and throws things out of anger.  If I snuggle with Harrison, he screams and runs over and pushes Harrison off my lap.  He screams through tubby time because he doesn’t want water on his face and he wants to hold Mr. Cow (his lovey) but clearly I don’t want Mr. Cow to get wet.  Somehow a switch has flipped and he went from being this super cool chill baby to being an insane toddler just like his brother was.  At least he’s willing to sleep though, so we do have that.

Bennett talks a lot too.  His favorite thing to say is, “what’s that?” and he says it in this hilarious high pitched weird voice over and over.  He’ll point to things and ask me what they are, and sometimes he’ll respond with a, “OHH” like of course.

I don’t know if it’s just this family, but this second child is way way more advanced than our first child but that only makes sense because he’s always running after Harrison trying to do what he is doing.

As much as they’re both crazy, they’re still polar opposites.  Last night for dinner I made the boys spaghetti and meatballs.  Harrison only ate the spaghetti and Bennett only at the meatballs, this is like so typical of who they are.  At this moment, Bennett is in his crib sucking his thumb quietly rolling around with his soft blanket, and Harrison slept in our bed with us Again last night because he couldn’t handle being alone in his room.  Bennett likes books and stuffed bunnies, Harrison likes Star Wars and nun-chucks.  They both like to chase each other while screaming and laughing.

I feel pretty confident that the life of a mom with 2 boys can Only be described as a constant loud circus with fake weapons.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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