Me : “Harrison, do you want to be a doctor like Doc McStuffins?” – after watching the same episode many times in a row.
Harrison : “No, I want to be a Ninja… or a Ninja Turtle.”

We’re aiming high over here.

Harrison : “What is Dave (neighbor) doing? He’s staring at dirt.”
Me: “HA, I don’t know what Dave is doing.  Looking at his grass to see if it’s growing, maybe?”
Harrison : “Ohhhh.  Who wants to stare at dirt?… Just Dave!”

OMG it was so funny, like it was real humor.

Me: “Harrison, can you put away the toys in the playroom?”
Harrison: “I’m just tired of putting things away today.”
Me: “Harrison, please put your toys away.”
Harrison: “No, I’m just too tired.”

Then you’d think that I’d push him to actually do it, but I let it go because I was also too tired.  So tired.



About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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