Tonsils, Terrorizing Others in Public, and Germs so Many Germs

Harrison got his tonsil and adenoids out last week.  Due to his sleep apnea, they wanted to keep him overnight as well.  We woke up the morning of the surgery before 5am and then we left the house at 5:30am and you’d think that he would sleep in the car but no.  He sat there pointing at everything and just talking.  “I don’t like the sun over there.” – that was a commonly used phrase for some reason.  I took him in for the surgery, and truly this kid did So Well, he really took the entire thing like a trooper.  Totally didn’t think of this, but if you’re child is potty trained but is still young it’s a good idea to use a diaper/pull up.  I did due to laziness but it was a godsend.  I thought he’d be like sleeping and tired the entire day while recovering but he was up the whole time playing with his ipad and legos and peeing every 2 minutes.  Because of his food allergies, he really couldn’t eat anything there and didn’t want to eat any of the soft foods that I brought him so later I ordered him white rice from a Thai restaurant.  I couldn’t believe he was like sitting there shoving rice into his mouth after having portions of his body removed.  Then the two of us got to spend the evening together – the two of us in a hospital bed.  He did a lot of talking in his sleep, but hardly any snoring…

We went home in the morning and they told us to keep him out of school for a week while he recovers.  The first few days home were So Good, he was almost completely normal.  Things started to take a turn for the worse around day 5 when he began to get a lot of referred ear pain along with some very uncharacteristic mental breakdowns.  Like the kind where he sobs and screams so much that he starts hyperventilating at a rate that won’t allow him to speak, and it just continues and continues until he falls asleep or something.  I still have to stay on top of his Tylenol, if I don’t he’ll freak out over the ear pain and you can see it coming, he’ll suddenly look deathly tired and he’ll start to kind of touch his ears a bit and then the meltdown is only moments away – just hope you’re not out in public.

His sleep has been no different yet, but they said it could take a week or two.  His voice sounds slightly different.  To me it’s a bit higher and more clear.

So I’ve been home with him for the past 3 days on my own.  Monday, we took Bennett to daycare – that was key.  Tuesday, I had to bring Bennett in to the doctor late morning because he has a mysterious rash on his junk.  The entire morning those two boys did their best to drive me insane.  Harrison would cry and then stop, and then Bennett would cry and then stop, and then they’d fight over a toy and both cry, and then Bennett would come running over to me and tug on me until I picked him up, and Harrison would yell for more juice, and demand to watch something stupid on tv, and Bennett would empty a bin of toys all over the kitchen floor, and then throw a snack and step all over it, and then the boys would be fighting again… which led me to washing my face and hair in the kitchen sink while all that was going on because I looked Bat Shit Crazy.  I’m growing out my bangs so they’re in this weird middle length and I still have a ton of baby hairs that are still growing so the entire front of my head just has hair that sticks straight up – anyhow I look nuts.  We finally made it to Bennett’s appointment, Harrison insisted on coming with us.  The second the doctor walked in Bennett started wildly screaming.  Anyhow, we got ointments eventually.  I thought to myself – surely, it can’t get worse than that.  Then Wednesday arrived.  I had to take both kids to two different doctors back to back in the morning.  It totally got so much worse!!  8am the three of us set out, 8:45 Harrison had to go to followup with his ENT after some bleeding (he’s totally fine).  The kids banged on the massive fish tank and opened and shut the fish tank stand doors 50000 times in a row, and then in the exam room they ran in circles and touched everything there was to touch while both tried to climb up my legs.  Then we got back into the car, drove less than a mile and got to the 10am allergist appointment for Bennett.  The kids fought in the waiting room over toys at least 10 different times.  Harrison finally had it and just sat down on the floor with his arms crossed and yelled “BENNETT I WAS PLAYING WITH THAT!!!” and they took us into the exam room… where they continued to be even more insane.  While the doctor was talking to me the kids were moving chairs back and forth against a hard floor so basically it was like SWEEEAAK SWEEEEEAK SWEEEEAK for like 20 minutes straight.  Harrison wouldn’t stop talking, Bennett kept hitting me in the head or biting me – all while laughing maniacally.  He bit me like 6 times!  WTF.  Anyhow, both appointments were totally worth the effort but Sweet Jesus, I’m never doing that again.  We dropped Bennett off at school after that – I might have thrown him out of the moving vehicle with his lunch taped to his body as I sped away.  Later, Harrison had an epic meltdown over something trivial and he punched and hit his bed for like 10 minutes and then I had to physically bear hug him to get him to calm down and sleep while he cried, hyperventilated and tried to tell me something but couldn’t get it out (I imagine it was: LIFE ISN’T FAIR!)

Anyhow… I basically have no idea what is happening in the world outside of my house and Whole Foods.

IMG_0964 These kids like to keep me on my toes.

Today, Bennett got sent home from school with hand foot and mouth – the saga continues!

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