I Have A Question

Harrison talks A LOT.  He’s also really bossy and really demanding.  After I pick him up for school he just stands around and makes demands: Mommy I want to watch tv, mommy I want juice, mommy I want a snack, mommy I want to watch storm troopers, etc. omg.  it’s not even an exaggeration, and I’m pretty sure he just likes to hear his own voice.

At bedtime, I sit in a chair near his bed and he goes to sleep.  There are reasons for this madness but let’s not even go there.  So tonight it’s 8:30pm and I’ve already let him play for a few minutes in his bed and shoot a storm trooper and whatever, and then the bunny light got turned off and it was time for SLEEP.  But no, that’s just when the questions begin.  He starts a never ending series of questions…

Harrison: Mommy, I have a question.  Where are we going tomorrow?

Me: Harrison, you’ve asked me that like a hundred times today… where do you think we’re going tomorrow?

Harrison: Oh, Preschool! Ok, I have another question.  Remember we went to a restaurant and you and me and daddy and Bennett were there and we went to the restaurant?

Me: Yes, now what is the question?

Harrison: What day is it?

Me: It’s Thursday, now go lay down and go to sleep!

Harrison: I have one more question.

Me: …What Is It?!

Harrison: The question is………….. um, what time is it?

Me: HARRISON IT IS 8:45 GO. TO. SLEEP!  (he doesn’t even know how to tell time or what 8:45 even means)

It did not end there, he kept on coming back.  It’s just so so painful.  It’s like someone is very slowly scratching my brain with a plastic spork.

Harrison’s new favorite show is Terrific Trucks on the Sprout channel.  It’s not bad actually – yet.  At the end of each show the trucks get washed down, so Harrison runs and gets a play mop and then tries to vigorously mop the TV so he can mop the trucks too.  Um 1. the TV is like going to fall on him and 2. he’s going to scratch or damage the TV or something and then we’ll all be sorry.  He’s so crazy.  He has Bennett mopping the couches too.  There is a lot of weird stuff going on around here…

Bennett is eating like 2-3 bananas a day.  He really loves bananas right now, and luckily he’s not constipated or anything.  He’s suddenly really really loud and very stubborn.  He used to be this really chill laid back dude and he’s really not that anymore.  He’s very vocal about everything and he gets Seriously Mad when he doesn’t get his way.  I wouldn’t let him bring his blanket into the tub last night – obviously right?, and he cried and screamed for the entire tub until I got him out and dried him off and placed the blanket back in his hands.  Tonight he yelled throughout dinner, he just sat there and ate and yelled just for fun.  I often find the boys fighting and really that means they’re both crying and screaming at each other and fighting over one specific toy – usually either the shopping cart or the mini Dyson vacuum.  I’m not about to go out an get 2 of those things either, but it often sounds like a pack of stray cats are fighting in the house for a few seconds each morning.  I’m usually making their lunches or breakfast and all I can do is run over there give the toy to Harrison and put something else random into Bennett’s hands and that seems to calm them down for a few.  I know that won’t work for much longer.

I’m aging people.  My body is falling apart.  These beautiful children of mine are running me ragged.  There should be some kind of brain study – a brain scan before kids and then 5 years after kids in order to compare the deterioration and function.  I have no idea what that would accomplish because my brain is already deeply affected.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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