5 days of the 21 day fix

I’ve lost my mind. I started a diet and exercise plan.  Somewhere along the way I realized that my diet consisted of Nature Valley Biscuits with Almond Butter (essentially a dessert for breakfast), coffee with milk and sugar again (I had gone black a while ago for a long time), sporadic snacks throughout the day like cookies or goldfish, a bit of random dinner from my kids plates, and then ice cream for dessert with a cookie on top.  This is real and not an exaggeration sadly…

Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix

It is a pretty easy program to follow.  The first 30 minute workout was total body cardio and I almost passed out several times because I’m so out of shape.  The nutrition was good, I enjoyed eating more fresh foods and healthy things and noticed how much shitty food I normally consume.  I was hungry late morning and late afternoon and before bed.  I think that day 1 is always like a huge slap in the face though and probably more of a mental thing than anything else.  I would have killed for oreo cookie ice cream – obviously that is not part of the diet plan!  It’s a major shift in eating for me, but that’s really the whole point.  I think I’m a very emotional eater and I really do take a lot of joy in eating…

Also on Day 1, I had Harrison home with me in the morning before an Allergist appointment.  He was extremely well behaved all morning long, it was like a magical land of a super cute and super good child out in public at playing at home.  He was like my little boy sent from heaven.  Much Much later as I was telling Daddy about all the awesomeness that was his oldest son, the little angel had a marvelous breakdown that included hitting and punching and kicking a couch cushion.  I intervened with a “Harrison, we don’t act like that.” That truly set him off.

Harrison: “Momma, I don’t like that!  I don’t want to be your friend anymore, I will be Daddy’s friend and Bennett’s friend but not your friend.  I don’t like that.  I tell you this everyday.  I told you two times!  I won’t be your friend anymore.”  This basically went on and on for over 15 minutes where he’d walk over to me and keep talking and then walk away and then come back and then sit on the couch, all while telling me about his personal feelings about how he didn’t like that and didn’t want to be my friend.  I didn’t have the energy to enter that battle, so I mostly just ignored the never ending harassment.  Dude can really hold a grudge!

Day 2 of the 21 Day Fix

My butt and legs were so sore that I spent the whole day walking funny.  Each time I had to bend down, I’d groan and get a little stuck.  Today’s workout was upper body fix, so thankfully the focus was a totally different muscle group.  I also found a shake option that was pretty equal to Shakeology in nutrition but a fraction of the cost so today I had an afternoon shake and It Was Bliss.  OMG, the chocolate flavor was so good and it really curbed my hunger.  I am kind of looking forward to having another one of those tomorrow.  On the other hand – my brain is like super foggy today.  Like it’s functioning at 1/3 the normal efficiency which is a problem.  My portions were good today, I stayed within the parameters – except after dinner I had a cider and I skipped my last fruit portion… so like that’s kind of the same right?!  Whatever, it was comfortably close enough!

Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix

Ok this day was not so great.  I was able to squeeze in plans very last minute for lunch, which I never get to do, so I totally jumped at it.  I did Pretty well the rest of the day, didn’t work out though.

Day 4 of the 21 Day Fix

Started the day with the 10 minute abs and it was super burny.  I have pretty much no core muscles at all anymore after two kids so this was like absolute torture – extra torturey because I remember back when I HAD a true six pack and could easily do all this shit.  It was only 10 minutes but I was like – Ok that’s plenty of pain for today, let’s not over extend.  I spent the rest of the day running around like a total maniac for work and mostly stayed within the nutrition plan with a shake and some nuts and seeds while on the road.  I wasn’t good about spreading stuff out and I was hungry and tired and annoyed, but luckily I had Something with me instead of my usual Nature Valley bars or other crappy processed easy foods.  Also, confession: sometimes when I’m in the car I eat mints as a snack or meal… that’s so ridiculous.

Day 5 of the 21 Day Fix

Today was 30 minutes of cardio.  I was pleased that it was Not as hard as the Total Body Cardio from Monday, but it was still no walk in the park.  Later I had a handful of veggie booty because I totally forgot myself, but it’s cool not the biggest mistake ever.  I’m not feeling great today, kind of tired and sluggish and foggy.  Then again, there was a 3 year old in my bed last night and I only had 1 coffee – that is probably where I fell down, I needed at least 2 more coffees.  I also bought my big boy the coolest new sneakers ever.  He is refusing to take them off, like he’s wearing pajamas and sneakers around the house right at this moment.  Sidenote: Dick’s Sporting Goods has a “preschool sneakers” section!!  I had no idea.  I don’t get out much though.  And the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began today, get it while the getting is good people!!

After 5 days, my thoughts about this program is that it’s easy to follow, the workouts are really good and besides the fact that it restructures your life it’s very good.  I would recommend it, it’s reasonable.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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  1. mrschoe1214 says:

    I’ve been dying to try the 21 day fix but on the fence about the shakes. Which one you try that you loved?:)

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