All The Food

I’ve been truly disturbed over the amount of food that my 1 year old is suddenly consuming.  About two weeks ago he transitioned full time to sippy/straw cups and cow’s milk.  But just in the past few days he’s been eating nonstop, literally for an entire day he’s eating something when he’s at home.  I’ve also had to go into his room at bedtime to retrieve him because he was screaming bloody murder and apparently was hungry.  His second dinners are actually Bigger than his first dinners.  I’m completely and totally freaked out over this situation.  Harrison was never really like this… I mean he had moments where he ate more or less, but Bennett is eating more food than I am.  He needs a dump truck full of food daily.  He’s eating crumbs off the ground and stealing Harrison’s snacks and running over to the counter pointing at food while yelling and stomping his feet.  WTF?!


Second Breakfast this morning, 15 minutes after First Breakfast

And it’s like – how big is a child’s stomach?  The size of his fist right?  Well what if he has GIANT hands, does that mean his stomach is also giant or does that mean his hands are clearly bigger than they should be so his stomach is actually not that huge?  I don’t know.  He’s also still a bit particular over what he eats, so I can’t just like hand him chicken or a waffle – oh no.  He wants very specific crackers and hashbrowns and Greek yogurt.  It’s exhausting.  I’m going to the grocery store like every other day at this point between the two of the kids needing specific foods.  I never in a million years thought I would be this person who let’s kids dictate the food that goes into a dinner, but I am, I am totally that person because if they get hungry – they will in fact Not just eat the food they don’t want to eat, they will freak out and be in a Moooooood.  A day ruining mood.

So anyhow, I’ve found that I spend a serious chunk of my day either planning meals, buying food, feeding children, preparing meals, talking about food, reading ingredients, or cleaning up food… it’s completely and totally exhausting.  Abe was like, “you know with two boys they’re going to be eating us out of house and home… HOUSE AND HOME!!” so it’s begun, just much sooner than ever anticipated with Bennett.

We should probably start working on that garden now, and farm, and constructing a 24-hour restaurant.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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