A Brain Dump

This is going to be a total brain dump that took 2 weeks to throw together.  But that’s my life.  A dump… with a side of brain.

Is “Uh Oh” considered to be a First Word?  If so, then Bennett has reached that milestone (around 10 1/2 months).  I have no idea when Harrison’s first word was, but I know that it was “Hi”.  The best part is that Bennett will yell the first part “Uh” and then normally speak “Oh”.  He’s so cute and so loud.  Also, he can climb all the way up the stairs now on his own so we had to put up a gate.

Harrison is becoming an actual small human being.  Up until this point he’s just been like a baby/toddler, but now he’s like Real.  He tells stories, he makes decisions, he can take off his own shirt, he tells me about what he did at school and what his friends did, he asks me what I’m making for dinner, and he mimics parenting right back at us.  He frequently states to me, “Mommy, you are in charge.”  It’s sort of a question and sort of a statement, but I always say back , “Yes, Mommy is in charge – all of the time.”  When Bennett is somehow annoying him, I’ll hear him say things that I would normally say like, “Bennett you shouldn’t grab things out of my hands!  Bennett that is dangerous.  Bennett you need to share.”  He also has this cute new thing where he puts me to bed at night.  Like, I get him ready for bed and then he walks me to my room and I get in my bed and he’s like “Ok Mommy, your slippers are right here.  Where is your doggie?  I’m going to put the door like this ok?  I’m going to shut the gate now.  Goodnight.”  It’s adorable… and then he goes back to his room and Abe waits for him to fall asleep as he tumbles around in his bed for an hour.

Also Harrison had declared, “I want to be a stormtrooper when I grow up.”  It was so cute.  He was 100% serious.  I told him that he could be a stormtrooper if he wants to.

The other day I used a baby brush and brushed out Bennett’s hair after his bath, then he stole the brush from me and looked at it and started brushing his own hair.  I texted Abe like, “Bennett just brushed his own hair, he’s a genius baby!!”  – seriously.  I know.  Then over the next few days I started to notice a little trend.  Bennett rubs everything on his head!  He was rubbing a teething wafer food thing on his head at dinner and I was like, “Ok, he’s not a genius afterall…”  He’s just awesome.

Something else awesome is that Harrison uses The Force, and he does it Really well like his hand shakes around a little bit and he pretends to really own the power.


Totally unrelated to my kids…


3 new beauty buys that I’ve been really excited about: Glossier Boy Brow in Black, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in Luscious Cherry, Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm in Medium/Deep.  I’ve lost patience for anything that doesn’t work well, I’ll just return it or toss it immediately.  These products have really impressed me and I’m super critical about makeup.  The Boy Brow is really good for those who want very light brow filling, like for novice brow people like me.  The YSL balm is just beautiful, somewhat sheer to moderate opacity, nice taste and smell, and worth the high-end price.  I feel fancy when I wear it but it’s not too fancy for like the grocery store or Saturday swimming class.  The BB cream has great coverage and I like that it has SPF.  I could do longer reviews but that’s really it in a nutshell – try them, they’re awesome.

Abe bought the Amazon Echo a while ago and we set it up thinking that we’d give it a try for a week and see if we like it.  Completely unexpectedly, it turns out that I love it and use it every single day.  In the morning I ask it what the weather is, “Alexa, what is the weather” and she tells me.  Then I ask her to turn on NPR and she does.  It’s like magic.  In the evenings during dinner I ask her to play music from Spotify, and you can get really specific too – play kids music from Spotify, play Coldplay from Spotify, and all while I’m doing something else so I don’t need to fidget with other gadgets.  There is also a timer function to, like “Alexa set the timer for 10 minutes” and then a timer runs in the background and you can check in with her and ask how many minutes are left, etc.  Anyhow, I totally love it and thought I was going to totally hate it.

I’ve finally convinced myself to start working out again.  I don’t have time but even more than that I don’t have motivation.  I’m going to do it though, this week I’m going to try a barre class to feel the burn and I’m just going to schedule it into my day.  I really just need to start taking care of myself more and real activity will Probably help my anxiety levels.  I mean besides the fact that I have anxiety thinking about a workout that is 2 days away.  But really, this is happening.  Two babies = one unfortunate looking mid-section and insane anxiety levels.

I’m starting to think about Bennett and cow’s milk.  I don’t even know how to start that… Harrison was on special formula for like AGES, like well well past he turned 1 because of his allergies and now he drinks a rice/quinoa milk blend that is Not easy to find.  I’m going to have to google this but it’s kind of exciting, I mean it sounds so nice just to be like out in public anywhere and I could just grab milk for my little big boy at a restaurant or in a store or like at a bodega!  Basically ANYWHERE!  It sounds so amazing.  It’s the little things.

And lastly, Winter is Coming people… we’re Excited!!!

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