I Ate 15 Peanut Butter Cups While I Wrote This

Things are relatively crazy around here.  We got a new washer and dryer delivered last week, which is great but now the laundry room is emptied out and all the stuff that was in there is in the kitchen until we can figure out a storage situation.  Then I lost my mind today and decided that I NEEDED to paint the room before we put anything back so I got paint swatches, then I decided five minutes later that I really had to clean out the boys closets and dressers… 2 bags of trash and 3 bags of donation stuff later, my mind was still lost.  I came across a crazy number of hand me down bibs… like if I counted them it would probably be like 60.  They all got donated.  I also had a disturbing amount of baby clothing that still had tags on, but all the tagged stuff was hideous or not useful to me.

I went to Target yesterday (at 8am) to get a hamper for the laundry room.  That was the 1 item I was there for, and like a few other small things.  On my way home, I realized that I left the hamper under the cart and never paid for it and it was sitting in the cart return in the parking lot.  Bummer!  And yet somehow I made it out of there with all important things like Paw Patrol underwear, Paw Patrol action figures, Windex, and Sunscreen.

We converted Harrison’s old crib into a full sized bed this week.  The concept that cribs convert to real beds is a nice idea, but then seeing your tiny child in a full sized bed is just nuts.  He’s like the tiniest 3 year old ever in this big huge bed.  He still needs the guardrail thing.  When does that stop?  Why can’t he just sleep normally instead of horizontally or upside down?  Abe sleeps in bed with him at night 6 out of 7 nights and they take Harrison’s nap together every weekend.  He might as well move into Harrison’s room and they can be room mates at this point.  I should probably get them matching pajamas and night caps.

10 fish have died in this house since September.  We went from a little starter 5 gallon tank to a bigger 10 gallon tank and during the transition fish just kept dying.  Regulating the water became this massive undertaking somehow.  Harrison was actually sad when they died, he noticed, he flushed one even!  He Cried!  He’s really into having these pet fish.  Anyhow, what I found the Most disturbing out of the whole situation was that 2 of the fish actually lost their tail fins due to stress but 1 of the fish remained perfectly normal.  They just swam around with these little stubs and really couldn’t swim much at all.  We thought for sure they were going to die, and then suddenly the tails grew back.  WTF?!  They’ve been thriving ever since.

Harrison got in trouble at school for turning things into pretend guns and then shooting his friends in the face.  We were MORTIFIED.  I mean, sure he plays guns and stuff at home but it’s more like a “let’s go shoot some monsters” kind of pretend stuff.  Yes he watches TV shows that have that kind of violence and whatever sometimes, I know I know, so this is why I’m really trying to push PJ Masks and Paw Patrol because they’re very age appropriate.  Anyhow, the teacher had a talk with Harrison about it.  Then I had several talks with him about it, and Abe had a talk with him about it, and then the next day he was much improved.  I think he actually understood what we were telling him.  Listening is not his strongest skill these days so the fact that he Mostly listened was a nice win.  We’re going to have to constantly remind him about this for the next few weeks I’m sure.  Last night he shot me at dinner with his pickle.

Bennett self weaned this week and decided that he no longer wanted to nurse.  He wants only bottles and he’s like Really into them.  His bottles are half formula / half breast milk at this point, so like that’s Fine with me.  I’ve gained so much freedom by dropping pumping sessions.  I don’t bring it into the office anymore, and I don’t pump in the middle of the day.  I pump once in the morning and once at night and that’s it.  I can handle that, it’s a nice balance for the both of us and I have no guilt.

Oh and Abe sliced his finger open at work this week.  He had to go get stitches and now his finger is wrapped and splinted.  He works in IT… not construction.  He’s also getting a CT Scan tomorrow for a totally separate sinus issue.  When it rains it pours.

Yesterday I received a Wonder Weeks alarm for Bennett.  He has entered into a new developmental stage it will last 36 days.  He will be fussy for the first part of that OR the whole time – TBD.  Considering he woke up 2 times last night before midnight,  and then cried from 4am-5am when I finally relented and went and got him up, I’d say that stupid App. was right on.

Could life possibly get any more thrilling?

We have a baby grand piano en route from Florida with like No Space for it.  None of us play the piano.

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