Super Long Weekend Needed!

This has been one of those really painful weeks with life and with the kids and with everything.  Nothing was easy this week for any of us.

I have mastitis.  It’s the first time and it better be the last time.  It started Sunday and it was really bad all night with horrible body aches and pains but then it was like gone the next day.  Then Wednesday I was driving home from a meeting and it suddenly came back with a vengence on my other side with a fever so I had a doctor paged at night to call me in a prescription before the pharmacy closed.  I felt really bad doing that but I couldn’t even handle another night like Sunday.  Then on Thursday I had to take Bennett into the doctor because it turns out that he has an ear infection, so then we were home together all day.  He alternated between being a super happy dude to practically ripping my face off in uncomfortable anger. Friday, I had to go back in for a followup and had to get a new prescription.  OMG.  Seriously, it has all been so annoying.

Harrison has been having a really rough week too.  His sleeping has been bad, and maybe because of that his emotions and attitude have been really bad too.  We’ve had a time out just about every day this week and one day we had two.  He just freaks out when he can’t get what he wants Right then.  Yesterday morning he was asking about what why the mixer was on the counter, so I told him I was going to make him bread later.  So he said, “But I want bread now!!” and then he whined and whined and he would not let it go even after I explained over and over again how I didn’t actually have any bread for him because I still had to make it.  I think I finally distracted him with something else, but like that’s where he is at and I haven’t figure out how to cope with it.  He does this multiple times a day.  I can be patient and explain why he can’t have something Right when he wants it, or like at all, but that doesn’t mean he will ever absorb it into his toddler brain.  I don’t think he’s developed enough yet, like he Just started to understand timeouts a few months ago.  Also this week I actually took TV away from him for a whole night after a day where he was just an out of control piece of work (I got kicked, hit, and yelled at).  Last night after I was dealing with Bennett, I watched Harrison play with his light up turtle at 2:30am and Abe jammed against the wall sleeping next to him.  We need an extra long weekend to recover from this madness.

The other day while Bennett was laying on me and taking a nice snooze, I was watching The Chew and they were making stock in a pressure cooker for a raman noodle bowl.  It was like So Easy.  Friday, I went out and got a pressure cooker and the ingredients subbing Thai rice noodles in place of real raman noodles and I just made it. I started with the recipe found here and just sort of toned it down.   I never ever do things like this.  It turned out awesome, and Harrison loved it.  To get even crazier, I finally used the mixing stand that I got at my bridal shower back in 2009 for the very first time.  Verdict: it’s awesome and like I know I’m the last person on the planet to realize this.  It had been like this giant thing we were lugging around in all our moves and keeping for seemingly no reason, but I broke the pattern and now we’re in love obviously.


The reason I had to use the mixer was because I made bread for the first time and needed the dough hook… and it’s allergen free bread.  Recipe found here.  We’ve been really unimpressed with the store bought bread options that Harrison has.  Rice bread is too dense and kind of gross, and everything else has eggs or something he can’t have.  I just want to be able to pack the kid a sandwich for school, is that asking too much?  I came across this recipe this week and again – very uncharacteristically, I just went out and got the crazy ingredients and did it.  If you are wondering – Very Little 9-5 work got done (and it’s not good), and only adventures in the home front happened this week.


Other things that happened this week:

I heard mice in the wall – it could have been 1 mouse, it could have been 3 mice.  I don’t know, I just know that they were pretty cozy in there.  Exterminator to be called today.

I threw out like a full garbage bag full of makeup, skin products, lotions, old shampoo, travel sized stuff, etc. that I don’t use.  It’s time to let go…. and also I need room for new stuff!

I found a night time skin treatment that I totally love: Sunday Riley Power Couple.

Harrison has re-discovered his mini trampoline.  I expect a broken bone any moment.

Bennett had his first piece of chicken – Harrison decided it was time.


We have a long weekend.  I’m hoping that everyone behaves and we all recover from a terrible week.  We have a field trip planned for Monday!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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