The Mouse Came…

Last night, Abe brought a guest over to the house for dinner.  It was a colleague he had worked with over a number of years but whom I had never met before since he lives in London.  You’d think that Harrison may be shy around a new person in the house… well that would be wrong.  He was an effing maniac!!! He was full on running around, doing crazy dances, and making animal noises.

Sitting at the dinner table after I put Bennett down for bed.  This is what Harrison decides to say to our guest:

Harrison: “The mouse came and he pooped out of his bum” and then he motioned like something was coming out of his bum.

This is partially my fault.  I told him that we couldn’t play in the basement because a mouse came in the night and pooped on the floor instead of the toilet.  I told him that like days ago.  Yes, it was somewhat true.  Abe found a couple mouse droppings so we didn’t want him downstairs playing until we resolved the mouse issue.  No, I did not expect Harrison to announce that to a stranger out of the blue.  He totally obsesses over things though, so I shouldn’t be surprised but it’s always surprising to hear him say crazy stuff.

I think we’ve come to the age where he is about to call people out for things in public, like overweight people or ugly people or people with Anything that he may consider to be somewhat odd.  This is about to get uncomfortable.

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