Crushing It

Yesterday, I was sitting in a meeting and a woman I work with was wearing braces on her wrists so I asked if her carpel tunnel was bothering her from working like crazy.  Her answer: “I’ve been doing a lot of pushups, Crossfit, and lifting.”  Um, that was not the answer that I was expecting!  She’s like 45 and a petite tiny person.  And this is after she was telling me about a long weekend away in Miami that she’s planning with girlfriends.  AND she just got back from Disney with her family (kids are 12 and 10).  I was like: “Oh man, you totally give me hope that I’ll get my life back someday… in like 10 years.”  Her answer: “Yeah… you will.  It really does take a good 10 years though.”  [Sigh]  Oh well, I’ve completely embraced this.

On the total opposite side of the spectrum, I was watching The Middle yesterday and Sue decided that her senior year in high school was going to be The Year of Sue.  She demanded that she get her braces off, she demanded that people start listening to her, and she just wanted to take control of her life.  Granted it’s a show, and she was 17, but still the message resonated.  Sometimes you just need to put your foot down and take control of certain things that seem totally out of control.

Today, I deleted 5,000 unread emails that have been piling up since November.  They were all about holiday sales and stuff so I just never opened most of those things that came through.  That alone was a nice accomplishment for a Friday.  Also, I went to Costco with a list during lunch time.  I added some stuff to Bennett’s baby book – dates of his crawling and first tooth.  Then I stuffed the party favor bags for Harrison’s 3rd birthday party coming up over a week in advance.  This amount of productivity for one day is a miracle.  I might not be able to take back my life, but I can work towards it by getting stuff done and not letting it all crush me… just don’t look in the kitchen sink where there is a pile of dirty dishes that could Literally crush me.

We’ve also reached the point in Harrison’s life where parents start to mingle with other school parents and kids want to invite other kids over for play dates.  He got an invitation for a play date from another little boy in his class and his mom explained to me that it was per his very specific instruction.  All of that is so funny.  That means that we could possibly revive our dead and rotting social life.  Out in the suburbs, it’s so hard to meet other people our own age since we’re working all week and tending to the kids all weekend.  So far all of the other parents have been a lot older than me as well, so I feel that adds another layer of complexity.  However, it’s beginning.  We could begin to make friends through our kids friends soon.  Yes, please save us from ourselves, we need friends!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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