Post Christmas Vaca Fog

OMG Christmas vacation is over.  Besides seeing family, we really didn’t do much of anything besides go to the grocery store like 4 times and CVS like 3 times… I don’t know why.  We are really disorganized and we consume a lot of food – that is what my vacation is telling me.

I dread this work week.

It’s funny, I feel like we really saw Harrison grow in just 9 days.  Just Sunday morning he was able to steer a ride on toy all around detours – and seriously, he never ever had the coordination for that before.  He used to drive his airplanes right into walls, like he wouldn’t even attempt to steer it.  Now he drives his new firetruck around stuff, which is amazing to witness.  He’s also branched out with his preferred TV and he can specifically ask for shows that he has only seen once before.  Suddenly he’s very into superhero type shows or shows with a lot of action.  Curious George was his favorite just a month ago and now suddenly he’s too big boy for that.  And at bedtime he realized that his Nerf gun was in his room (he took his nap with it) when it should have been downstairs, so I asked if he wanted me to bring it downstairs for him:

Me: Do you want me to bring it downstairs and put it on your little table?
Harrison: Um…
Daddy: Do you want mommy to put it back in the basement?
Harrison: No, not in the basement.
Daddy: Ok, do you want me to put it on top of your firetruck?
Harrison: [burst out laughing] Daddy that’s weird!!
It was totally weird!  So funny he can now distinguish things like that.

Also, our little boy completed his parent/tot gymnastics session and he got to participate in the awards ceremony.  They gave him a certificate of completion and he was so proud of it.  He did such a great job and we’re going to hang it on his wall.  Next week we go back to swimming lessons for a few months.

Bennett is about to run out of the house.  In just a week he’s become So Mobile.  All he wants to do is stand up and he’s trying to walk.  He can’t figure out crawling.  He keeps trying to crawl by using his hands and feet with his bum up in the air.  He’s coming up on that phase when things become very difficult: if I’m holding him, he will try to jump out of my arms to grab whatever looks interesting.  If I’m trying to eat, he will take the food out of my hand while laughing.  If he’s playing on the floor and I go into the kitchen, I’ll look over at him and he’ll be trying to climb up the couch.  His crib is now on the lowest setting and I find him standing in there during nap time.  He’s just growing up at the speed of light, but he’s still just the sweetest baby ever even when he’s slapping me repeatedly in the face.  I just want to squeeze his big fat thighs and cheeks.  He has a sippy cup full of water now, which is so cute.  He just gnaws on it.  He also continues to ignore all the finger foods I put on his tray or he picks them up and throws them on the ground.  No interest in eating them at all (why is that?)

So after a week at home with the family, I am assuming it’s normal for working moms to think to themselves: “why am I working? why am I not at home with my kids?”  OR they think “Get me the fuck back to work!!”  In the past, before Bennett, I’ve always been in the “get me the fuck back to work!” group of people.  For some reason, now I’m with the “Why am I not home with my kids” group of people.  I don’t know why.  I feel so drawn to being with them, especially the baby.  That’s just like normal mom feelings right?  I don’t plan to quit my job or anything, it’s just such the opposite of how I’ve ALWAYS felt.  For 2 1/2 years, I’ve been so so thankful that we love Harrison’s school and his teachers and everything and that has not changed.  I’m sure they do a better job than I ever could.  Now he’s in preschool, and while he does love it, both him and I had a hard time parting ways this morning.  He was very sad to leave mommy and I was sad to leave him but only because he was sad.  It was for the best though, he was stuck in the house quite a bit.  He will probably be exhausted tonight when he gets home.

I hope that we all adjust this week and get back to our normal routines… things feel so weird.

I had to go buy pants today because all of my normal pants are a full size too big.  That’s really strange for me.  I’ve been eating mainly chocolate and coffee and cookies.  If you asked me what my diet consisted of, I’d tell you it consists of 95% crap food.  I need to eat better and get more rest.  Totally realistic for a crazy person… and also, I have a bag of candy in the console of my car Right Now… why am I so weird?!  That will be a constant question from my kids for the rest of my life I’m sure.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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