Travel Victory!

We survived our Christmas travel!! 1 baby, 1 toddler, 1 daddy with a thrown out back, and 1 momma on anti-anxiety meds.

I had the lowest of the low expectations.  The last time we traveled with Harrison in tow I cried on the plane.  It was the Worst kind of bad.  This time he was so good for 99.9% of it.  He sat in his car seat and Abe wheeled him around the airport with his little backpack.  On the plane he wore his tiger headphones and watched movies on his ipad.  After we landed in NC, we were taxing to our gate and suddenly he says “I have to go potty” and then he started to FREAK OUT because he really had to pee: “MY PEE PEE IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!”  30 seconds later, Abe picked him up and ran down the aisle yelling “BATHROOM EMERGENCY” from the front of the plane all the way to the back of the plane.  Nobody had the balls to step in their way, and the little dude made it.  Baby Bennett mostly just chilled the whole time.

While in NC, Harrison was in cousin heaven.  He played and played and played like a crazy man with his 8 cousins.  At one point he was beet red and sweating from running… and luckily the house was large enough to contain him.  The downside of our trip was that we all slept in the same room, and it’s something we’ll never do again. Lesson learned.  They kept waking each other up, and Harrison was jumping all over the place instead of sleeping in the giant 3 person bed we had on the floor.  We were constantly whisper yelling at him to go to sleep.  I think Abe even growled it at one point.

On the way home we put Harrison in a pink Dora pull-up on the plane – just in case.  The only way we could sell it to him was by saying that his oldest cousin also wore these special “flying undies” on planes.  He took the bait and we went with it.  There were no incidents on the way home from him even with an hour delay.  Bennett pooped on the flight… and then I had to figure out how to change a baby in a bathroom the size of a kitchen sink.  I did it somehow.  When I came out of the bathroom there was a line of like 5 mid-aged dudes who were Not sympathetic to my situation.  They could all suck it, I felt only victory.

We somehow made it out of that trip in one piece.  The funny part to me is that both kids slept absolutely terribly when we were there.  The first night, I didn’t sleep at all.  I held Bennett in the family room the entire night.  I didn’t bitch and moan about it only because: he’s just the best little baby and I was really trying to be a good trooper.  Anyhow, since we’ve been back home both kids have slept through the night 2 nights in a row.  2 nights!!  This has never happened before.  In 7 months, both kids have not slept through the night 2 nights in a row simultaneously.  I feel like a million bucks.

This year, holiday travel was amazing.  It might never happen again, but for once we felt really satisfied with a tough situation.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Travel Victory!

  1. Katie says:

    Y’all are amazing! I’m always in awe of parents traveling with little ones and try to offer an understanding smile (or a hand, if they need it!) when I see the wild side starting to come out from the kiddos. So glad you had a nice Christmas!

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