A Little Too Much Talking Over Here

Preschool is really funny.  It’s like a whole new world, 1. because there are a lot more kids and 2. because now Harrison is on the younger side instead of the older side.  Being around bigger kids has been really good for him because now he can say things like:

“It’s not my fault!”
“I use the Osmo at school”
“That wasn’t nice, I’m not happy Mommy.  I’m mad!”
“I’m just pretending”
“You’re my best friend.”
“Someone came in my room and poked me in the bum last night.” – This didn’t happen!  Seriously.
“The big monster is coming, you have to lock the doors!”
“This is a gun, like the one in the basement.” – He said this in his classroom in front of his teachers.  Note: we don’t have a gun in the basement!  Just a Nerf.  A NERF!

We are waiting for the authorities to arrive at our house.  Thank you expanded preschool vocabulary.

In other vocabulary news, Bennett only says “DADADADADA” now.  It’s like a cruel joke.  He’s joined at my hip 99% of the time where I tend to his every single need, yet he chooses to say only the Dada sound over and over and over again.  Why are you doing this to me Bennett?!

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