Random Shit

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I took a picture with this cupcake so the world could see how gigantic it is.  It was from Whole Foods and it Probably lived a pretty nice life behind a glass case for a day or two.  I ate it.  And yes, it gave me a stomach ache.  It has a twin in the fridge that I’ll eat tomorrow (shame is non-existent in this house).


Someday Harrison is going to see all these photos and he’s going to be like, “Mom, why was I naked all the time?”  The kid just loves to run around naked.  Some people are just born that way I guess.

Everyone in this house has a cold today.  Everyone in this house is asleep at 9:30pm except for Mom because she’s eating her cupcake in silent bliss and thinking about Christmas shopping… we are flying to NC in 1 week.  I have Less than 1 week to finish my shopping and I am only about 75% done.  I just don’t know what to get anyone this year.  If I didn’t get you anything it’s because my brain is broken – it’s a true diagnosis, google it.

We have this neighbor down the street that has one of those funny blow up yard Christmas decorations.  For the past few years it’s been Santa in his sled-helicopter.  I think the propeller even rotated.  This year it’s Santa in a hot tub.  We totally appreciate that level of humor, but it’s like So Sad to see this thing in the middle of a green grassy yard on a 65 degee day.  It just doesn’t make any sense, it’s like putting out flamingos in the middle of January or something.  It just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. It will feel even less like Christmas when we are in North Carolina for the holiday and away from our own house and beds… boo.

I actually would like it to snow – just a little bit, so that we can take Harrison snow tubing down the street at the local ski “mountain”.  I feel like this will be one of those super memorable things that he does every winter as a child.  It also might be the first time he breaks a bone or his face… or the first time I break a bone or my face.  There is a first time for everything though.  Broken faces, broken bones, broken sleds, popped snow tubes, broken hips, etc.  This is sounding like a really terrible idea the more I think about it.  Maybe we’ll just stick to gymnastics and swimming lessons.

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