OMG – We’re Still Alive

I’m trying to get my shit together – but realistically, is that ever going to happen?  I’m thinking no.

Things are so crazy around here that every single day I feel like I’m just putting out fires and not really gaining ground anywhere.  Another mom at work was saying how she felt like things are getting so much better for her… her youngest is 10.  10!!  I was like, “OMFG, I have to wait 7+ more years?!”  And she was like, “Yeah well someone has to be there when your kid gets off the bus.”  WTF is that all about?  Why does someone have to physically stand there when a kid gets off the bus these days?  I totally understand why there are so many parents sitting in cars waiting now, but seriously WTF is that?

Let’s talk about the Almost 3 year old for a minute.

The other day, Abe made Harrison some sauteed spinach – which he normally likes.  This time he kind of spit it out and Abe was like, “why aren’t you eating the spinach?”  Harrison was like, “it’s crappy”.  We’re not sure if he really meant to say that, or what he was trying to convey but it was still funny.  It was in fact very good.

Harrison is super funny and super annoying right now.  He’s so crazy, he finds the most ridiculous things to be hilarious.  He’s also totally loving gymnastics class.  He’s pretty good about following directions and so/so about paying attention, but physically he’s Awesome at it.  The other kids seem to be younger than him, he’s on the cusp of aging into the older class, but still… he makes everyone look terrible.  He is freakishly strong.

He also just started pre-school last week so now he’s the youngest and smallest there.  He loves it So Much though!  He loves it so much he has pooped his pants twice there.  He’s never had a poop accident at home, ever, but twice in one week he has had that issue at school.  Not like Totally, but enough that he had to be changed and stuff.  Pre-school is great though, there are So Many More Kids.  I think his class has like 15 kids or something with 2 teachers so he’s expected to be a lot more independent.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall during class someday.  I bet he’s constantly pushing his way to the front and telling people not to touch him and telling people to wait their turn and randomly breaking out in song – Chug Chug Clank Clank Toot!

I just ordered Harrison a chore chart.  He’s way old enough now to start learning about responsibility.  At the moment he only has 1 real chore: feeding his fish.  They are still alive.  I really need him to learn to pick up his toys, they are everywhere.  Like he’ll just throw something on the floor and walk away.  I keep stepping on stuff and I’m walking around ridiculous things (like a giant excavator).  Enough.

Also, he knows how to fast forward through commercials now.  Life is so different for him than it was for me!  I had to watch commercials and there were hardly any kids shows on tv.

The Almost 7 month old is doing a bit better…

Bennett has been eating lots of solid foods.  He’s made his way through all sorts of 1 ingredient baby foods, and is now moving into multiple ingredient baby foods.  He’s had banana pieces and avocado pieces.  He throws puffs on the ground – he doesn’t understand he’s supposed to eat them yet.  I decided that this time I am not making my own baby food for like a lot of reasons.  It was fine with baby 1 but with baby 2, I think we’re all better off and happier to just buy the organic baby foods at the store.

His sleeping has been a bit disturbed this week, and I have no idea why.  He’s generally a pretty good sleeper but he’s been waking more often.  He’s like itching his face and he’s rolling around and into the walls of his crib banging his head over and over.  Sometimes he gets stuck on his back and he can’t get back onto his stomach.  I’m not sure what the heck is going on with him.  Other than that, he’s a super happy baby, all 20 pounds of him.  He’s also ready to move into a big boy bathtub… but I’m not really sure how to go about this situation.  Do I bath Bennett first and then throw Harrison in there?  I don’t know…

He’s way more independent at this age than Harrison has ever been in his whole life.  He’s happy to just sit on his blanket and play.  Sometimes I find him trying to climb into his toy basket, sometimes I find him climbing through his exersaucer.  Maybe it’s just me being a second time mom, but I often go about my business nearby and let him just hang out.  Harrison never ever would have let me do that.  He needed me by his side nonstop or he’d scream and cry – even now.

Each day I’m just trying to make it through.  Harrison has blisters on his toes because his sneakers are too small (woops) and Bennett constantly has cradle cap that needs to be tended to, but they’re both still alive and thriving.

Santa MIGHT put toys under the tree instead of coal in the stockings.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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