Babies Grow So Fast!

The sleep situation is getting better around here.  It’s been over a week and although Harrison is still crying at night, it’s improving.  Bennett is doing pretty great too, he’s Almost sleeping through the night.  Sometimes he wakes very early in the night, at like 9:30 or something and he’s stuck on his back and pissed about it and he cannot figure out how to get onto his stomach.  I’ll eventually go in there and just give him a nudge and he goes back to sleep.  His naps are almost all in his crib too, which is a huge contrast to what Harrison was like at this age, so to me he is a dream sleeper.

Today, I saw it.  Snow coming down from the sky.  October 18th – first snow of the year.  Good thing Mr. Bennett is prepared.


We haven’t done too much lately on weekends.  It’s a pain to have to get everyone out the door with all their stuff and snacks and bottles and then back for naps etc.  I had a new babysitter come by yesterday though and get a lay of the land.  Our other babysitter is more for Harrison… and we haven’t heard from her in a while since she started nannying recently (super huge sad face).  She’s one of Bennett’s teachers at school.  I just had her come over for a couple hours and Bennett basically slept on top of her for the entire time.  It was still good though, I mean I got a bunch of stuff done when I normally wouldn’t be able to.

I think we are getting a little cabin fever though.  It’s really cold out this weekend so we’ve been relying on tv and random activities like science and pumpkin decorating.  Things are getting weird.

IMG_4017 IMG_4021

Bennett had his first rice cereal today at Just under 5 months.  His teachers suggested that we might want to try it since he’s so big and most days he doesn’t finish his bottles there (I don’t know why, all he does is pound bottles at home).  He was pretty suspicious of the whole situation.  He didn’t enjoy the spoon in his mouth and he pushed most of the cereal back out, but I’m sure he’ll get into it with time.  You’d think that a big huge baby would be really into food of any kind… but I guess that wouldn’t be true.

IMG_4051 IMG_4053

Also today, Bennett joined us at the dinner table in a high chair!  That high chair is totally on Craigslist right now, but I don’t think anyone wants it (sad face).  My little baby is getting to be such a big boy.  Rice cereal, high chairs, sleep training, teethers, OMG.  He’s practically a walking/talking toddler.  I think he’s like a month away from growing out of his sink bath tub too.  I have no idea how I will bath both boys at night… it seems totally impossible.  Maybe do Bennett super fast, get him dressed and put him in a seat, then throw Harrison in there and tell him he has 5 minutes before it’s time to get out?  Who knows.  Bath time might take the entire evening.  There is truly an adventure around every corner these days… I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate so I can mentally cope.  I also bought a Fitbit so I can counter the chocolate consumption or pretend to.

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