I See The Light

Friday at daycare pickup, Bennett’s teachers mentioned that I may want to consider sleep training for him at this age.  Since he just came out of his swaddle and wasn’t sleeping well anyhow, and hadn’t slept well all week long, I figured why not?  It couldn’t possibley get any worse.  Life was meant to be pain.  — that would be an example of the many thoughts I had on Friday.

So Friday night, I tucked in and prepared myself for a long night of crying crying crying.  I was just going to sleep on his floor.  But then there was a work thing that Abe had to do right at Harrison’s bed time so then I had two kids to deal with and one of them was screaming his face off (Harrison).  So then I just sat in Harrison’s room to keep him calm and Bennett nursed… and fell asleep.  I was like: shoot.  Later, I woke him up and got him in his sleep sack and burped him and then put him in his crib and then I stared at him… he rolled over, fussed for like 3 minutes, found his hand to chew on and went to sleep… on his own.  Then he slept until like 3 and woke up, nursed, and then went back down on his own… I was like: WTF is this?  WTF mind games is this kid playing?!  So then last night, I tucked in and got ready for a horrible night.  I put him down awake, and he rolled right over onto his stomach and fussed for like 5 minutes and then went to sleep… OMG.  He woke up a couple other times but after crying for just a few minutes was able to put himself back to sleep.  AND THEN today, I put him down this afternoon for a nap when he was really tired, and he did it again – he rolled over and went to sleep on his own… this kid is like totally fucking with me right?

Maybe for the past week or two, he was sleeping really poorly because he just wanted to sleep on his stomach.  He’s a stomach sleeper.

We sleep trained Harrison (super poorly and ineffectively) sometime around 6 months and I want to say that it’s his stubborn personality that makes his sleeping a disaster, but the longer you wait to sleep train the  harder it is.  So maybe I just got lucky with the timing and he was just ready to go to sleep on his own now that he can find his hand to suck on, roll over and push up.

IMG_3425One kid’s disaster sleeping is mostly solved… now for the other one, the much harder nut to crack.  I’m going to call the pediatrician tomorrow and ask for a recommendation for a sleep specialist around here or a behavioral person of some sort.  It really has gotten so bad that we just don’t know what to do anymore.  Each night is a little different, but it’s the same – he resists going to sleep and screams his head off to varying degrees.  The only way he will go to sleep is if one of us goes in and sits in his room.  Sometimes he wakes up multiple times in the night screaming for us where we need to intervene, sometimes he can makes it through the night without losing his shit.  Every night is bad enough that we could never get a babysitter to handle this at bedtime.  We need to do something.

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