The 4 Non-Sleepers

The most ridiculous reason my toddler was crying yesterday:  I was wearing a hoodie and he didn’t like it and wanted me to take it off.  2.7 is by far the worst age for Harrison so far.

This house is undergoing a really special piece of hell right now.  Harrison is being possessed each and every night.  What, you ask?  He screams like a maniac the second we leave his room and sometimes he can go to sleep on his own after that like after 5-10 minutes of insane screaming, but sometimes he pukes all over his bed while screaming and then we have to go in and change his bedding (two nights in a row of puking).  Then at 3am, he wakes screaming bloody murder again because he wants daddy to come sleep with him – major separation anxiety.  Clearly, this means he’s being possessed by some kind of demon or something right? There is just no other explanation.

The baby is such a gentle soul.  I just want to squeeze him all the time, but his sleep isn’t great right now either.  He is either going through 4 month sleep regression or teething.  I think it is teething though since he’s been sort of crabby/uncomfortable during the day too all while biting his fists.  When I feel his gums, I don’t feel or see anything…so I don’t know, I had a dream that he had a tooth though.  I tried baby Advil last night to try and see if his discomfort was physical, and he did sleep a lot better compared to the night before when he woke 9 times.

Mom and Dad:
Daddy was very close to a complete and total meltdown at 3am last night after being up for a couple hours with Harrison.  This morning he said to me (at like 6:30am when he left for work): I’m going now, and I’m not coming back!!  Obviously he was kidding, but I am sure he was contemplating 1000 different ways to run away and hide from this family.

My back has been aching so much that I haven’t been sleeping well anyhow, but I find that the more tired I am, the more my body just hurts which is like an endless cycle.  This morning I woke up with a huge zit too, like my first one in ages.  I’m super stressed because I’m having a hard time fitting in all my work when I have kids that aren’t sleeping well, and also I’m still having a hard time adjusting to being back at work full-time.

Things have been better around here…

Prior to this crazy sleep disturbance, I decided to start lessening the chemicals we have in the house – but only if I could find alternative products that worked just as well.  Funny that I started this and then my kids started acting INSANE!  First, I replaced Bennett’s daytime diapers with a more natural brand – from Pampers to Earth’s Best.  I’m still using Pampers Baby Dry at night, but I’m Ok with that because they do work well and I’m not about to change diapers at 2am if I don’t have to.  Then I switched from Pampers wipes to Seventh Generation, which worked out.  Then I tried using organic coconut oil as a moisturizer on my body, as in like stuff you buy in the cooking oil aisle in the grocery store.  I was using baby oil, and while that is probably decent, I wanted to try and get away from petroleum based products.  For me the result is that baby oil and coconut oil moisturize in the same way, goes on oily, moisturizes pretty well – lightly, and by evening I start to feel kind of dry again.  Then I replaced the laundry detergent from Tide Free and Gentle to Seventh Generation, and actually I think they both only work Moderately well so they’re like the same to me.  We still have a lot of chemical type stuff around here, like some of our cleaners, some of my makeup, and whatever.  It’s been an interesting go of it though.  Next up – trying essential oils mainly to see if that can help Harrison sleep.  I know, things are getting all sorts of hippie over here.  Hippie and Desperate and TIRED oh so tired.


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