The Reality of it All

Working full time with 2 kids… is really fucking hard.  I don’t really know how else to say it.  It’s just the truth of it.

I’m trying to put a positive spin on everything, but when you are exhausted to the core and overwhelmed, it’s just about impossible.  Overall my thought: things are not going well at all.  Like, At All.  Even if the kids were sleeping better at night (one of them is always up too much), I still don’t think it would be going well.

I told myself that I would get through this until Jan. 1 and then I’d re-evaluate the situation and see what needs to happen.  I’ve been browsing jobs online, but the problem is that there really aren’t any work options here for me if I stay in the same field and I haven’t seen any full time work from home options.  I feel really stuck right now.  But again, I would still want to wait till the end of the year before making any drastic decisions or moves or whatever.  I just want to vent a little (or a lot).

Because I find myself at home more often, I decided to finally bite the bullet and find a new hair salon.  I love the stylist I’ve had for like 10 years but she recently relocated to a new salon and I didn’t like it at all and it was less convenient than before.  I had really huge doubts that I could get a good haircut out here in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t know why I thought that.  It’s obviously a huge blanket statement to say that hair stylists here are not as good as on Newbury Street.  Anyhow, I went to a new salon and got my hair cut and I’d give it a solid B.  She was nice, it was pleasant, the salon was OK  I kind of wish she had stopped cutting to ask how I felt about things as she went, but whatever, she didn’t but it was fine.  The only part about my haircut that I didn’t like is that I wish she hadn’t messed with my bangs, oh well whatever though.  I think I’m just really picky about how I like my bangs to be.  Then they rang me up…. and it was $40.  4-0.  I’ve been paying $80 for my haircuts and that was discounted pricing, like I was still getting a sorority discount from a million years ago.  A solid B haircut for $40 and I was able to make the appointment pretty easily and it was only 5 miles away.  SOLD.  It’s super funny that right now my husband gets a far more expensive haircut on Newbury and I’m the one that has taken a step down to a 4-0 haircut in a mini-mall next to a Market Basket and a Panera… my soccer mom transformation is starting today.  I probably shouldn’t even mention that I bought jeans at Old Navy recently and when I put them on yesterday for the first time after washing them, my immediate reaction was: why are these so high?  Total mom jeans to match my mom haircut.  WHY LIFE?!  Just Why?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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