The Bald Spot

OK… Major Problem Up In Here.  I’m balding.  Like my hair line has thinned and moved back by well over an inch and there is a majorly balding spot right in the front of my part area due to postpartum hair loss.  I had some hair loss with Harrison but this is taking it to a new level.


I should be frowning.  Also I am pumping for this selfie at 6:15am… totally normal behavior.

I grew my bangs out a couple years ago just because I thought life would be easier without them – It totally is.  I don’t really think about what I look like before I leave the house on the weekends, and with bangs you at least have to look in the mirror to see which direction they are pointing in.  Sometimes you have to do a quick wet and blow dry to make them less insane looking, which is Not really great when you have small kids at home because they don’t give you even 30 seconds to do things like hair.  And WIND, omg the stupid wind when you have bangs! However, all that being said, I never really felt comfortable without bangs which I had the majority of my life.  I felt kind of naked, and kind of just not like my cool self.  I’m just kidding, I’m not cool.

Once I took a good look at this balding spot on my head this morning before a meeting, I did what any totally not-sane and not-rational person might do.  I watched a bunch of YouTube videos (mostly with Asian girls) on how to cut side swept bangs in and took out a pair of scissors and just like did it.  It could have been done better, but I wanted it done ASAP.  They just need to grow out a tiny bit and I can make small adjustments.


Oh it’s Me!

I need to sort of retrain my bangs on how to hang and whatever, but I actually feel a lot better already.  I think my fiercely heart shaped face really needs bangs to soften things.  I mean who really prefers the heart shaped face of Reese Witherspoon without bangs??  Nobody.  Just Nobody.

Back to life with styling products and a hair dryer.

Soooo – What do I do about the balding??  I’m still taking prenatal vitamins which contains 100% of my biotin needs.  What else can I do?  I saw some really really awful photos online of other girls who have truly bald patches on their heads.  I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I don’t really have a job where I can cover that shit up for a meeting with a client, like I’d be sitting there in a suit and with like a giant flower clip on my head to cover a skin patch?  No… just no.  They’d be like: you there, just stop it and get out.

Today, while I was googling local hair salons… I was on the side of a main road crammed and sitting on the floor of the back seat of my CRV with my pump plugged into batteries and I was pumping while thinking – Why is this God Damn back seat so EFFING small?!  I tried to sit in the middle back seat, but both car seats made it impossible.  I don’t think you could fit a 5 year old child in that middle area with both seats taking up so much space.  Pumping with a battery source was a first though, and I’m glad it worked and that I wasn’t exposed.

Here’s to having a better hair day tomorrow.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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