Why Do Kids Hate to Sleep, and Other Questions

Why are our kids trying to kill us?  This is a serious question.

For the entire week, our toddler Harrison has been waking up at 2 or 3am screaming bloody murder and will not go back to sleep unless daddy goes in there and lays down with him in his big boy bed. Will he stop crying and screaming if Mommy goes in there?  No, no he will not.  This is becoming a serious problem.

Also this week, baby Bennett moved into his own room and crib and has been waking up nonstop. I don’t think that it’s because he changed rooms because he started the constant waking  a couple nights before he made the move.  He used to wake only 2 x per night, and now he is waking every 1.5 hours or less.  The past two nights I’ve slept on his floor, on his hardwood floor people, because I was so sick of walking back and forth between rooms.

We are so sleep deprived that forming sentences is hard.  I’m not entirely sure of anything I may have said or done recently.  I am having a really hard time thinking of words.  To make things worse, this morning one of Harrison’s new fishies died and he is the one that pointed it out to me.  Not only was there a dead fish caught on the filter, but there was a gigantic moth dead and stuck in the filter too.  I was like: oh no… they are stuckies!  And then he kept asking me why the fishy was stuckies.  Answer: because it was a really stupid fish… when he left for the day I had to get the dead things out of there without a fish net (I had to use a little Dixie cup) and it just reminded me why I didn’t want these stupid pets here to begin with.  Idiot Fish. IDIOT FISH TANK!

After dinner tonight, Harrison hit Bennett for the first time.  I was nursing Bennett and I said something that Harrison didn’t like – I can’t even remember what it was.  Like maybe he wanted me to go into the office with him to look for monsters and I said not yet or something, who knows, and he hit the boppy and then he hit Bennett on the leg.  Neither hits were hard, but that’s not the point.  He was mad at me but hit Bennett for some reason.  Hopefully it’s just a one off moment.  I immediately was like: HARRISON, WE DO NOT HIT BENNETT!  It wasn’t yelling, but it was Super Firm.  There were instant tears and 15 minutes of crying for daddy.  He’s like so emotional right now, it’s driving me insane.  The sound of his crying is like a knife through my brain.  I eventually got him to kiss Bennett and he was fine again.

We were starting to get really stressed about Bennett’s out of control eczema, like we were thinking about finding yet another doctor – or Abe was thinking about finding another one.  I just called the dermatologist and told him the treatment was not even making a dent, so he just got us something stronger and literally 2 days later he went from zombie baby to normal fat baby.  But seriously, how bad was that?  He had to wear mittens so he wouldn’t scratch his eyes out.


Zombie Baby


Not Zombie Baby

To make life even more interesting, we have family coming into town on Saturday and this house is a D-U-M-P.  Instead of trying to clean up what we have going here, I finished the nursery, laid down a new rug in Harrison’s room, hung a huge new print in the office, and put together a designated shelf area for daycare and diaper bags which displaced a whole bunch of other useless stuff.  All of that actually contributed to a bigger mess.

We realized recently that life right now is one step forward and 2 steps backwards each and every day.  Is that depressing?  Sort of… I guess that’s a whole other post.  Outlooks also change quickly based on the amount of sleep we’ve gotten, so here’s to a decent (or even slightly improved) night of sleep.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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