Potty Training – Maybe Not So Scary?

Potty Training… I’ve heard this is most people’s least favorite period of parenting.  I’ve also heard a lot of really nightmare-ish stories like: my son was running away with poops falling out of his underpants, etc.  At 2.7 I really felt like Harrison was ready.  He would often tell me he pooped and needed a new diaper, and he would go on the potty frequently just not every time.

I read 2 MEHHH books and was given 1 handout from Harrison’s school on this.  I sort of did my own method based on how Harrison was reacting.

The Preparations:

A few days before we started, I’d mention how we were going to say goodbye to diapers this week and start wearing big boy underpants like daddy does and mommy does and nana does and papa does and anyone who is an adult.  Harrison loves being a big boy, so this really resonated with him.

I laid down water proof pads on the couches and rolled up the area rug in the family room.

I got protectors for his car seats and put them on there a couple of months ago so he’d get used to them being there.

I got a bunch of Good Nights for his bed.  The plan was to layer a Good Nights with a fitted sheet x 3, so I could peel off a sheet and pad and there would be a fresh one underneath when needed.

Fluids began to become limited, but H drinks way way way more than any other child on this planet.  He has a habit of asking for more juice the second he finishes one, and the pounds it and asks for more again, etc.

I bought like 25 pairs of underpants in various styles.  More is better and he was a bit small for all of them anyhow.  I also bought a Potette which is a travel potty / potty seat for toddlers.

The Process:

Thursday – Harrison stayed home from school.  I explained that he could pick out a pair of underpants to wear and we were going to throw out all of his diapers – he wore only a shirt and underwear, no pants.  He would get 1 special treat for sitting on the potty and trying to go and 2 special treats for a pee (I had a special container of various gummies, chocolate, and mini marshmallows.  The mini marshmallows were the clear favorite)  He threw out the diapers and then he proceeded to have 5 pee accidents in the span of like 45 minutes.  So all those books that said to remind your child to pee every 30 minutes, well that did not work.  He’d just be like: “Momma, I peed.” and he’d point to his puddle.  I would ask him a lot if he had to use the potty, but almost every time he would say no but it was a good reminder because sometimes a few minutes later he’d say he had to go.  After that initial pee parade, he did great all day until 1pm and then had a pee accident.  I put down a good night disposable pee pad under his fitted sheet and let him take his nap without a diaper. He made it through the 1.5 hour nap and was good for the rest of the day.  Night time came, and I was uncertain as to what I’d want to do here but after seeing him all day it became clear that he needed a lot more practice with pulling his pants up and down himself.  I didn’t think he’d be able to do it on his own, and he also refused to use a little toilet anywhere but in the bathroom so I couldn’t put a little potty in his room like the world suggested.  I probably could have pushed night time potty training, but felt that we’d be setting him up for failure for a long time like many weeks and that didn’t feel very good.  I put on his night time diaper and told him that he should try not to pee pee until the morning.

Friday – His diaper was noticeably much smaller than usual when he got up.  I let him pick out a pair of underwear and explained everything again.  He then had 3 pee accidents in a span of 45 minutes.  I think he just kept forgetting he wasn’t wearing a diaper.  He was Ok after that.  I would ask him if he had to potty like a lot, but most of the time he’d just say he had to go potty and start walking over to the bathroom.  He even pooped in the potty for the first time during the process.  It was a super super gross one and I dry heaved.  Then my dad came over to hang out with Harrison and help, unfortunately it turned into no help at all.  The only accident he had for the rest of the day was because Harrison didn’t want papa to help him, and papa was on his phone anyhow just standing there and not helping him, and I was holding a sleeping baby, and it was a total disaster.  Harrison ended up wetting himself in the bathroom standing next to the potty holding a tape measurer and my dad is still like on the phone with his brother being like “hey steve can you hang in there for a minute.”  I almost started screaming at everyone but decided that it would only upset Harrison, so I cleaned it all up and for the rest of the day I helped him and papa held the baby.  Again, he made it through a nap in his bed.  This one was 2 hours!  I tried to wake him up because it started really late due to a plumber coming by, but he didn’t want to get up.  That night, we used a night time diaper again.

Saturday – No accidents in the morning.  He was doing good so he went in the car with daddy to pick up dry cleaning, so a very short errand – about 15 minutes.  He did a #2 in the potty as well.  He made it through nap time, another almost 2 hour nap.  Then for some reason after bath and everything he was sitting on the couch and peed.  Maybe he was just like so into the movie we were watching or he just like forgot, but he peed not in the potty and that was his only accident of the day.

Sunday – No accidents in the morning.  In the afternoon, he had a few accidents.  Most of them were because he was on his way to the potty but didn’t get his underwear down in time.  One of them was because he peed in his underwear but then realized it and ran to the potty.  These sorts of things I think are Ok, he just gets distracted so easily so he needs to learn to get to the potty faster instead of waiting until the last second.  He made it through his almost 2 hour nap and  before bed he did a #2 in the potty.

Today, I sent him to school in underwear and explained to the teachers how he was doing at home.  I also sent 5 spare pairs of underwear and pants!  He’s their problem now : )

I know it’s an ongoing process, but I think that a good base has been laid down and he is doing extremely well – better than expected considering he loves his juice.  Now we just need to get him to consistently have less accidents this week and maybe by the weekend we can try to leave the house for more than 15 minutes, and I seriously hope so because I almost went insane all cooped up.

No More Diapers!

No More Diapers!

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