5 New Pets… 5 Too Many if You Ask Me

Harrison has had a virus since Thursday causing fever, rash, and general state of misery beyond compare.  He went to the doctor on Sunday to clear any infections since he’s prone to ear infections, but we just need to wait it out.  Also, he refuses to take any medicine – alone or mixed or hidden.  It’s impossible to get it into his body, so any tips there would be welcome.  We’ve tried chocolate syrup, smoothies, sugar, apple sauce, juice, and just forcing it down his throat.  We were just saying how it’s been a long time since he was last sick (May).  Because he’s having a rough go of it or maybe just because, Abe got him a fish tank (which includes a pineapple) and 5 fish for his room.  Harrison named them all “fishy”.  The guy at the store told Abe they live 3-5 years, which seems Nuts to me.  These things are tiny.  It’s been a pretty big hit though, Harrison enjoys turning their light on in the morning and off at night and feeding them.

IMG_2113Bennett is not sick at the moment thankfully, although I suspect he gave it to Harrison.  He had a low grade fever last week with the same rash, but it passed in a day for him.

Last night, Bennett slept flat on his back in his mini cosleeper for the first time EVER!!  I planned on starting him in there at the beginning of the night and probably eventually having to move him back into his beloved rocker.  I put him down at 9:30 asleep and he stayed asleep until 12:30 and went back down and was back up at 5:30 and then went back down till 7:15am. I kept anticipating him waking up so I didn’t sleep very well at all.  I was just laying there listening to every noise that he made and then thinking about every little body ache that I had (it was a lot).  This is great timing because he’s almost too big for the mini cosleeper now, so after a few days or so of this laying flat training, I will put him in his crib and Out Of My Room!  That unfortunately will probably coincide with Harrison’s potty training, so we’ll see how that all goes converging at the same time.  I can just imagine two kids yelling in the night… Harrison because he wet his bed, and Bennett because he’s angry that he’s in his crib, and of course me screaming on the inside.

Speaking of Bennett being too big for a mini cosleeper, he’s also moving into size 3 diapers… that’s soooooo crazy to me.  He is within the size 2 parameters, but he had a few blow outs this week and when I tried a size 3 on him, it seemed more comfortable / roomy for a giant poop from a giant baby.  Honestly, I don’t know where this guy came from.

So many transitions over here!

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