Wednesday Whining – Wishing it Was Wining

4 nights of Harrison sleeping in his new big boy bed and 3 of those nights were amazing – as in, he has not tried set foot outside his mattress area.  He seems to genuinely enjoy his big bed, and tells anyone and everyone about it.  Even the term “big boy” seems to resonate with him in an unexpected way.  Last night however was really bad.  Abe told me that he got up 5 times, meaning he woke up and cried bloody murder 5 times and Abe had to go in there.  I don’t think he actually escaped or anything.  This morning I asked him why he couldn’t sleep and he said, “Daddy sleep in big bed.  Daddy’s screw driver sleep in garage. Sharp.”  So of course that really explains why he was a total turd all night.

Harrison even climbs in and out of the car by himself now.  He can get in and out of his car seat by himself too.   It takes an eternity, but he INSISTS that Harrison “do it himself”.  Other things he insists upon: taking his diaper off, taking his shirt off, and brushing his teeth.   I think he’s actually going to make it in life…

I went to a work-related thing today, and at 11 weeks postpartum you’d think that something in my closet might fit me.  You would be wrong.  I literally only found 2 shirts that fit over my chest and stomach, and 0 pants but luckily still had maternity pants to wear.  Suits?  No, suits certainly did not fit me or blazers and dresses did not even come close to zipping.  Good God, I’m going to have to go shopping for some looser fitting tops and dresses.  I might as well burn the rest of my closet.  This is just not going to work at all.  It’s making me feel really bad that my stomach is way big still and is also surprising to me how small I used to be.  The other day, I actually felt really good about myself and then I caught my reflection in something and I was like: OH MY GOD!! THAT’S WHAT I LOOK LIKE??!!  FUCK.  So that obviously was not a good reaction.  I know it takes time to lose baby weight, I totally get it, I just don’t like it at all.

My pregnancy hair has started to shed this week.  The sad part is that I never felt that my hair was thicker or nicer or fuller or anything this time while pregnant, but now it’s all coming out – Everywhere.  I can just run my hand through my hair and like 10 hairs come out of my head.  The little catch thingie in the shower is full of hair, and when I do actually brush my hair, it looks like a small furry animal.  I grew my bangs out a while back, but now I have a bunch of small hairs that tickle my forehead annoyingly so bangs may make a return while I grow it all out together…. or I’ll start using styling products.

Bennett’s new project: trying to control his eczema and going to bed earlier.  I know from experience with Harrison that pediatricians are good with skin stuff but dermatologists are way way way way better.  Harrison struggled with skin issues for a full year and a half under the care of his pediatrician and it was always OK but in 1 visit to a dermatologist and multiple issues were 100% under control.  The face that the guy made when I told him what Harrison was using for his issues was classic, like “your pediatrician is a fucking retard” – basically.  Bennett has an appointment with that same man next week.  He has eczema that comes and goes.  It’s pretty minor in his arm and leg creases, more moderate in his neck, and very bad on his face.  On his face it’s raised and swollen, bumpy, warm to the touch, and it leaks clear fluid.  Nothing over the counter has worked between various lotions and ointments, only Harrison’s prescriptions have made an impact.

Today Harrison has a skin test at the allergist for milk.  The goal is to have a reaction minor enough that we can do a challenge test for baked milk.  Another day, another doctor visit for this household.  If you hear screaming at 3pm, Harrison is the reason.

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