Big Boy Bed!


Well we did it.  Harrison’s crib has been taken apart and a twin sized mattress is now on his floor with a little bar thingie.  He has big boy bedding with trucks, and all his friends from the crib. Abe tried to get him to take a nap like that and it was total refusal, so  he went without a nap today.  Apparently he just thought his bed was a toy.

This evening, I put him to bed and went through our usual routine.  I asked him if he wanted a sleep sack and he said No so that is gone now too.  I asked him if he wanted his little pillow or a big pillow and he wanted the big pillow, so also gone is the toddler sized pillow.  So many changes in one night!


After we read a couple books together, I explained to him that big boys stay in their beds all night.  I told him that in the morning when he wakes up, daddy will come and get him in his bed.  He was kind of like: “no… no… no…” but only because I don’t think he really understood what I was asking of him.  I put one of those door knob kid safety things on his door so he can’t open it from the inside so we wouldn’t have him running all over the place if he did get out of bed.  I tucked him in, and left the room and for about 5 minutes there was nothing then suddenly there were tears with loud crying.  He never got out of his bed but cried for about 10 minutes before passing out – and this is really not out of the ordinary anyhow, he does this a couple times a week.  I don’t think he realizes that he can get out of his bed yet.

A lot of things can still go wrong tonight, but at this point in time I’m thrilled with how he has done so far.  My anxiety levels over this transition were really high!  I really didn’t think he could handle it like a normal kid, I thought he’d be jumping on his bed all night long.

— He likes to take my phone now and take pictures.  This is me getting a book out of his bookshelf to read (Tough Trucks in case you are interested).


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