Anything But Foolproof 20-Step Potty Training and Toddler Bed Training Plan

Toddlers… the constant transitions are so painful!  At 2.6 we are ready to potty train and to move to a big boy bed.  When I say that we’re ready, I mean that we need to do this before I go back to work (Labor Day).

I have a 20 step plan to make this happen.  That sounds so feasible doesn’t it?

1. Move the glider from Harrison’s room to Bennett’s room.  Get a chair to put into Harrison’s room for story time.  – Check


2. Take down the mesh crib bumper. – Check

3. Buy toddler bedding and start talking up a big boy bed. – Check

4. Take a side down on the crib, and attach the bar so his bed becomes a toddler bed. – Not Checked, but I found where the super heavy bar is being stored (in the 400 degree attic).

5. Put a gate at his door so he can’t run away in the night. – Not Checked

6. Get a nice big soft rug to catch him on the ground for when he falls out of bed. – Not Checked

7. Get him into his big boy bed.  Just do it.  No more sleep sack, no more crib wall. Throw him in there, shut the door, shut the gate, and be prepared for a LONG night. – Not Checked

8. FREAK OUT – Check

9. Once there is a solid week or two of sleeping in the big boy bed, then Harrison will stay home from school for a couple days and we will say good bye to his diapers and hello to big boy underwear. – Not Checked

10. Buy underwear – Check

11. Buy potty to put into Harrison’s room at night – Check

12. Buy piddle pad for Harrison’s car seats for inevitable car accidents and get travel potty for the car – Check

13. Try going out and doing a quick errand with underpants on. – Not Checked

14. Try going out for a bigger errand with underpants on. – Not Checked

15. Try going to the playground with underpants on and using the car potty. – Not Checked

16. Buy multiple flat sheets and pee pads for accidents to layer for when accidents happen at 3am. – Check

17. Try sleeping in big boy bed with a potty in the room. – Not Checked

18. FREAK OUT because you know that this is not going well – Check

19. Somehow get him to sleep in his bed and use his potty when he needs to at night, get back into bed and go back to sleep on his own – Totally Not Checked.  This seems light years away!

20. When complete, give self a huge pat on the back and a huge piece of pie because it’s probably Thanksgiving. – Not Checked

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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