Day In The Life – The Exhaustion Edition

A long day in the life.

5:45am – Bennett wakes up wanting to eat.  One boob is severely engorged for some reason, so I feed him on that side and put him back down to sleep.  Then I pump in the bedroom in the dark while I read email and sit on a bouncy ball – totally normal right?  I get dressed and brush my teeth, make Harrison’s lunch bag for school, throw in a load of laundry, clean pump parts, make coffee, move the car outside, deposit checks, buy gifts and organizing things for home online, organize a cabinet, clean a tub, flip through jcrew, put things into Bennett’s baby memory box, write emails, clean up Harrison’s toys, and think to myself maybe 50 times – when will someone start crying?

7:50am – I check on Bennett and he is awake.  One arm escaped the swaddle.  I bring him downstairs and change his clothes and his diaper at the changing table in the family room, he is all smiles this morning.

IMG_1353 IMG_1355He will be all smiles until I give him his Zantac (he screamed but kept it all down).  I can’t believe Harrison is still sleeping, he was up at 7am yesterday.  I put Harrison’s hash browns into the convection oven to cook.

8:05am – I feed Bennett again, and frantically watch the monitor wondering if Harrison will wake up.  Also, I try to listen for the guys working on our kitchen cabinets hoping they don’t arrive while I’m sitting on the couch with Bennett attached to my boob.

8:15am – I finish feeding Bennett, change his diaper, and sigh with relief when Harrison doesn’t wake up just yet and nobody catches me in the act.

8:20am – I hear the guys in the garage and thankfully I’m fully clothed.  I wake Harrison up and get him ready for school, it’s pajama day so he’s wearing some funny PJ hand me downs.  We head out to daycare drop off where I put Bennett into his Ergo and hold Harrison’s hand going in.

IMG_13598:45am – We are back in the car and I decide last minute to go to Target to get us out of the house away from the guys making noise in the kitchen and to pick up a few things on my list.  I eat a bar in the car for breakfast.  I swear I went to Target for like 3 things…

10:00am – Conveniently fed Bennett at the mall in a “nursery room”.  Right after he developed a rash on his face and arm.  I noticed this yesterday too… I suspect a food sensitivity – dairy or chocolate.  Next pedi visit is in 1.5 weeks so we’ll talk about it then.

11:30am – We’re back at home and the guys are still working in the kitchen.  I clean another tub while Bennett sleeps and I attach a mirror to the back seat of the car so I can see him in his car seat.

11:45am – Bennett is up and crabby.  I try and feed to him see if that’s what he wants.  I spray milk all over his face…again, and he does not appreciate it.  He eats, pukes, and develops the same rash as before.  Mental Note: don’t let even small amounts of dairy into my diet and now eliminate chocolate (OMFG, now what do I do?).  I put him into the Mamaroo and hope he will be cool with it for a little bit.

12:25pm – The guys are still working in the kitchen and I’m really hungry.  Important Thoughts Strike: I think I might need to get bangs again, I have a ton of broken little hairs that fall into my face and they drive me nuts.  It’s also only a matter of time before I lose all my pregnancy hair and get tiny baby hairs growing all over my head again.  I think I’m going to put a mini fridge in the bedroom for pumped milk – is that taking it too far?

12:45pm – Bennett wants to eat again.  He eats every hour from now until 11pm but hardly sleeps at all.  Why is that?

1:30pm – The guys are done working and I finally get to eat lunch.  I microwave an EVOL bowl while Bennett screams at me. Then I heat up some leftover soup but resist the urge to have a soda.  I feel like I’m always hungry.  I watch the end of The Chew.

2pm – Bennett takes a 15 minute cat nap in his crib for the first time ever.  I empty the dishwasher and bring the clean laundry upstairs.  He doesn’t sleep again for the rest of the afternoon, instead he’s just crab-tastic and won’t let me put him down.

5:15pm – We go pick Harrison up at school. Bennett pukes in the Ergo.

6:45pm – Harrison has eaten dinner and gets a bath.  Bennett sits in a little chair thing and looks at the attached mobile in the bathroom with us.  Harrison doesn’t want to get out of the tub, it’s his new thing.

8:30pm – Abe gets home late, everyone is tired.  Harrison and I danced to Despicable Me 2 like 15 times (to the Happy song). Bennett has a massive green poop, and is still in a sour mood.

8:40pm – I put Harrison to bed while Abe holds Bennett.  He usually goes to be earlier than this.  We read a book about Caillou not using diapers anymore and Good Night Good Night Construction Site.  He cries when I leave the room.

9:45pm – We all go upstairs and get ready for sleep.  Bennett is wearing Old Navy 3-6 month pajamas to bed and they fit perfectly.

10:30pm – Bennett won’t go to sleep on his own, he won’t nurse down either.  I bounced on a ball to get him to sleep and then put him down.  He should be exhausted, I don’t get it.

Most days aren’t this hard and crazy.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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