Scattered Updates

Attending a wedding with an infant and a toddler was pretty awful.  It was really hot and humid, Harrison was running around like a maniac, Bennett was always hungry and I had to feed him and change him in a car, I ate 1 appetizer and a taco, didn’t have anything fun like wine or cake, and we left after dinner totally exhausted.  We even paid for a hotel that night and drove home the 1 hour instead because there is nothing more terrible than taking Harrison out of his element.  He’s just not agreeable to change.  We never want to leave the house again.  Ever.  But how stinking cute is a toddler bow tie and a baby vest??

IMG_1195 IMG_1205 IMG_1244Bennett has been on Zantac for 5 days.  I think I do see a positive difference in him when I can get him to swallow it.  He hates it though, and sometimes he coughs and it ends up on my face.  Harrison watched it happen this morning and got me a tissue – good kid.  I’m not sure that the dose is right… and now he has really really stinky poops.  It smells like rotten eggs every time so I’m hoping it’s the Zantac and not like something in my diet.  His sleeping has been better, but he’s had some general baby rage moments – I blame gas.

We have two momentous milestones in the near future for Harrison: 1. potty training and 2. moving into a toddler bed.  I read 1 potty training book so far, I want to read another one, I also want advice.  It’s overwhelming and I’m scared!  I’m looking forward to not having to change a tiny person’s diaper anymore and not having 50 pounds of diapers in the trash each week.  I’m not looking forward to needing to make emergency pit stops in stores and during even the briefest of road trips.  2 weeks and potty training begins…. or like once my parents get back from their vacation, then I can get my mom to help with the baby while I work with Mr. H.

My back is still bothering me.  I’ve been to the chiropractor twice and I honestly don’t have the time to do anything else.  I went for a run/walk today to test it out and had to stop running after just a few minutes, walking wasn’t so bad so I’ll try and walk for the rest of the week and see how that goes.  I am just like not sure how to fix it and I don’t have time for PT so obviously the answer for me is just to deal with it and not really fix it the right way like a responsible human being.  This is one of those things that I know is going to plague me for a long time and I’ll constantly be like: omg, my fucking back, and omg I want to run but my damn back!

I’m going to start pumping bottles for Bennett soon.  He took a bottle initially (with formula even) but then suddenly refused them so I stopped trying for about 3 weeks because there was too much other stuff going on and I didn’t need to supplement anymore.  Now I need to start again in order to prepare for daycare and so I can leave the house without him for more than an hour at a time.  I’m going crazy.  Harrison cried and cried and went like hours before he would take a bottle for me.  It was one of those super stressful moments where I think that I’m doing something wrong as a mother.  I’m thinking that I’ll stick with Dr. Brown’s bottles again, but am open to try something else – suggestions are welcome.  I have a huge bin of a variety of bottles that didn’t work for H that I’d be willing to resurrect again.  Hopefully Bennett won’t be as stubborn, he seems to be somewhat more agreeable than H was.

Harrison’s speech is pretty hilarious these days.  He never stops talking.

H: “Harrison hit Eleanor”
Me: “We don’t hit our friends Harrison.  Ms. Tammy said you didn’t hit Eleanor at school.”
H: “Harrison didn’t hit Eleanor…. Yet.”

Also, I gave Harrison a really old digital camera so he could take photos around the house since it was just sitting there not being used.  There is now a photo on there of me going to the bathroom.  Argh.

Bennett’s newborn photos are scheduled for next week.  He will be 9 weeks old and probably 16 pounds.  I wouldn’t really call them newborn photos at this point.  He’s already cooing and smiling and some days I feel like he is just going to get up and walk away or like order a pizza or something.  Time is flying with this one and I still can’t get over how big he is.  I’ll be packing away his 3 month clothes very soon, like this weekend.

I packed away all my maternity tops and dresses.  The pants will get packed away in a little while since I’ll probably need maternity work pants.  Unfortunately, I’m holding steady at 15 pounds over where I want to be.  This has not stopped me from eating chocolate and candy at a frightening rate.  Weight loss is about self control and obviously that’s not something that I have right now. What I have right now is a strong headed toddler on the verge of potty training, a 2 ton baby who is basically hanging off my boob all day long, a house that looks like a hoarding show, kitchen cabinets that are being painted right now in the garage (woo wee), insane amounts of laundry, and sheets that haven’t been washed in like 8 weeks.  Pass me another Twix…

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