Huge Baby Problems

Bennett went to the pediatrician yesterday and at 7 weeks he now weighs 14 pounds and 3 ounces.  That is the 95th percentile.  I seriously cannot get over how huge he is.  To put this into perspective, we went to a birthday party for a little girl turning 1 on Sunday and she weighs 16 pounds… they looked the same size.

IMG_1114Very much related to Bennett being huge, I had to go to the chiropractor the other day.  I messed up my back.  Most of the day it’s OK but if I exercise, or lean/bend over in a certain way I have excruciating sharp pain which can last an hour or two so I can barely walk, like I can hardly put any weight on my left foot.  I spend most of the night with the pain since I’m constantly leaning and bending over putting Bennett back into his bed.  I went to the chiropractor instead of the doctor because I thought it was a joint issue and I wanted to start treating it right away – turns out it’s more muscle than joint probably.  No stroller runs for a while until I can work this thing out (apparently stretching hamstrings helps back pain??).  I’m frustrated with this because I was really into our stroller runs and my weight loss is at a total standstill now and those feel good mood boosters that I get after working out are now gone too and I really needed those.  I’m sad again, when I’m sad I cry and I shop.  I bought 4 pairs (2 heels and 2 sneakers) of shoes and two necklaces (the cheapies of real ones I want).  I’m also thinking about redecorating our bedroom and painting the kids bathroom because those are sane ideas right now.

We’re going to my brother’s wedding in Maine later today.  Not like 7 hours away Maine, like 1.5 hours away Maine.  Either way, with 2 kids in tow we could be going to the park and it would still be a massive ordeal.  I have an entire table covered in stuff we need to jam into the car – the stroller will take up most of the trunk.  Moments like these, I totally understand why people have minivans (side note: Mark Walhberg totally drives a minivan and loves it, who would have thought?).

7 weeks postpartum and I just didn’t have time/patience to try on many dresses, and I’m probably going to wear something I have in the closet that is absolutely nothing special and way more day dress than cocktail/evening attire.  I really should have put more effort into this, but 1. the shape of my body is fucking weird and 2. mehhh.  I painted my nails, so that should count for something.  Harrison has a super cute polka dot bow tie from Etsy and freaking Cole Haan shoes I got him at Marshalls for $8 and Bennett has an outfit with a vest (also from Marshalls).  Mom and dad are just winging it, I mean really they’re lucky if we shower.

I did my first daycare drop off for Harrison yesterday with Bennett.  Up until this point my parents have helped with drop offs and pickups so Bennett never had to go.  It went really well, all things considered.  I put Bennett into the Ergo and held Harrison’s hand and his big bag of stuff.  Drop off was easy, pickup was a little harder because I had to get Harrison into his seat while wearing Bennett.  After this experience, I watched a video on how to put your infant into the Ergo and it turns out that I’m not really doing it right.  It’s not like wrong, but I guess it could be done better.  You’d think that I would have watched this video at some point prior to now…  He’s just so big that he doesn’t fit into the insert well, but he can’t really go in without it because he needs the neck support.  I have a Boba too, but he’s too big for the newborn hold but I can’t get him into the hold where his legs hang out evenly.  One leg is always high and the other one is much lower and he hates it and tries to run away.  I need someone to come to my house and show me how to wear Bennett properly.  I might try a Baby Bjorn for a little while, I hear they are easy and fast which is what I need for the pickup/dropoff situation.  I hate to buy another baby carrier but convenience and sanity is most important right now.

We are hoping to survive life over the next few days.  No guarantees.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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