We’re at 6 Weeks – let’s just stop

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I’ve been working out with Bennett outside by run/walking around the parking lot of school next to the house like every other day.  It’s hard.  I haven’t really run in like 4 years and my body is like WTFFFF.  You know what else, after I do this little workout I do squat jumps in the driveway as neighbors drive by.  Like jumping up and down, arms swinging around, baby in the stroller, and mini vans zooming by.  I’m now the weird neighbor.  It has recently come to my attention that the stroller plus car seat (for neck stabilizing purposes) plus baby is over 40 pounds so that might explain why it’s so Excruciatingly difficult.

Today Bennett is 6 weeks old, which means that I am 6 weeks postpartum.  I’m heading out to my checkup in a little bit.  My recovery has been way more awesome than expected.  At 6 weeks, my body barely remembers it was ever pregnant… I mean obviously I was and I look like I was.  It just feels so good to not have a gigantic baby lodging inside me – who btw is in 3 month clothes but is almost in 6 month clothes, holy crap.

Bennett’s sleeping is driving me INSANE.  For the past week he’s really been like less awake during the day and more awake at night.  We had been making such good progress and then suddenly: boom, mom is up with baby every hour at night.  EVERY HOUR PEOPLE!!  I’m totally losing it, like 4 days of like 2 hours of sleep a night.  I’m emotional and tired and brain dead.  What’s worse, is that I often forget to drink my coffee in the morning.  Suddenly it will be like 1pm and I’ll be like: dammit, I forgot my caffeine!  and then Bennett will fall asleep on top of me and then puke and then poop.  Babies…

Also something that I was never good at with Harrison – Bottles – Bennett is now rejecting a bottle even with breast milk inside.  He won’t take formula and he won’t take a bottle, and he looks at me or anyone holding it like we Must Be Joking.  I can’t even.  The ‘tude already.

And Harrison… we’ve watched Despicable Me 2 maybe 50 times in the past 2 weeks, and he will not stop talking.  All the time, just so many words and so much nonsense and so many Why Mamas?  Why Why Why?  It’s unreal.  Someday I will know the answer to everything, but that day is not today.

harrison and bennett

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