Newborns and Not Laying Flat and Postpartum at 4 Weeks

In an interesting turn of events, little H slept through the night two days in a row and baby B was the more difficult one.

For H, we turned off the TV at 7 and turned on music and just played and at 8:30 we asked him who he wanted to put him to read his stories.  He chose me twice (it was weird, he never chooses me over daddy) and we went upstairs and he did his routine super easily and then I put him in his crib and he started to get weepy.  I tried to quickly explain that everyone is going to bed, and we would play in the morning.  He cried moderately for about 10 minutes and then slept through till 6:45am so this is worlds better than previously – but maybe he was just like extra tired.

With baby B, I really wanted to try and transition him to his cosleeper instead of his beloved rocker so that he could get used to laying flat.  He has refused to lay flat ever since the day he came home at four days old for some reason.  He was flat in the hospital obviously, but for some reason he absolutely refuses to lay flat here at home.  I tried swaddling him tightly, loosely, putting him down awake, putting him down almost asleep, putting him down fully asleep, no swaddle, velcro swaddle, blanket swaddle, etc.  No matter what I did, he’d immediately start fussing and then full-out crying.  I went through these motions for about 2.5 hours and then I was like: seriously EFF this, and then put him down sleepy but awake in his rocker and then 2 minutes later he was asleep.  OK… so 1 thing is good here: he’s able to put himself to sleep if I put him down just sleepy and not fully asleep.  That’s something that we battled with H for a long long time.  I still can’t understand why he won’t sleep flat on his back though, it’s really annoying, and this will be a habit we’ll have to break in the future.  Is it reflux or just preference?  It’s bothering me that I can’t figure it out.

To try and ease this issue, I’m going to try and spend more time flat on his back during the day.  Maybe put his pack and play in the family room or something similar and have him spend some time in there during the day.  He will lay flat in his baby gym but not more than 5 minutes before fussing and then freaking out.  We tried just laying flat together on the floor to practice and he was like: No Momma, Just No.  Yet another tiny human in this house that doesn’t want to listen to his mom.  Is this not laying flat thing normal?  It seems like google says it’s pretty normal but really is it?

Bennett and Momma (1)My brother is getting married in 3 weeks.  I ordered a couple dresses from Anthropologie (two different sizes of the same dress) but it was super unflattering on me so I will return them.  The general idea of buying a dress to wear at an event postpartum is totally beyond me… like how do you even dress for that?  I’m obviously a lot bigger all around than I used to be and my boobs are like Really big.  I also tried a few flowy dresses at like Marshalls and they were like actual potato sacks on my body, I wish I took a photo in the changing room.  This morning I ordered another dress to try (two different sizes), and I feel a little bit better about this one.  Before I had B, I bought a dress at Jcrew a size bigger than I would normally wear there because it was on clearance and this morning it actually kind of fit.  The shift style is very forgiving, so this is great that I have something to fall back on – will still need industrial strength Spanx though to hold in a belly.  Will also need to keep on with the T25, 30 day shred, and stroller walks.  I feel like such a middle aged / soccer mom lady doing these “workouts”, but whatever it helps me feel better about myself.  It truly does make me feel a LOT better like mentally and physically. I was such a disaster after having little H, that at this point the fact that I haven’t almost checked myself into a mental hospital is a victory.  I’m listening to Serial in these pics.  Everything I do is multi-tasked!

IMG_0186(1) IMG_0188

4 Weeks postpartum and down a little more than half the weight I gained.  Still in maternity pants though, big time.  I can’t even get into how horrible my stomach looks though, it’s going to be a lifetime of one-piece swim suits from now on.  I mean, they can be gorgeous one pieces, but they will still be covering the shrunken and weird looking stretch marks that my HUGE baby blessed me with.  Oh well, all I can do is rub Bio Oil on them a lot and hope that they fade with time.

Anyhow, so 3 more weeks till my brother’s wedding.  My only goal is to be able to wear a dress, any dress, and not feel or look like an overstuffed sausage.  The boys will be wearing bow ties!!

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