Gas Solutions?

IMG_9882I’m trying to attack this gas/fussiness with baby B.  Last night was not much better than the previous two.  The only real difference is that at one point around 4am, I took him into bed with me and nursed him laying down and I got a little bit more sleep that way.  He actually slept flat on his back, and I was super uncomfortable but was laying down and not sitting in a chair.

Last night I tried the gas drops and gripe water in the evening.  Neither seemed to do anything.  Today, I got some advice on trying a new supplementing formula.  He was using Enfamil Newborn while in the NICU, so that’s what we used when he got home.  I never had any problems with him rejecting it or anything until 2 days ago when he decided suddenly that it wasn’t cool anymore.  I really have no idea if the formula is the problem or not or if he just doesn’t want a bottle anymore now that we’re in a breast feeding groove, but I’m willing to try something else.  A friend recommended Earth’s Best.  I went with the Sensitivity one since this is the whole reason for us to switch (gas and fussiness).  Also, I read somewhere that switching to a preemie sized bottle nipple will help let in less air when a baby is drinking so I picked a few up to try out.  I didn’t even know they made preemie nipples… but now I do and it’s worth a shot.  Is there anything else that I should consider??  I feel insane.

To cope with this insanity, I ventured out of the house today.  I’ve basically been shut in since B arrived home so we could try to keep him away from germs, but he’s almost a month old now so it’s time – Momma needs to get the EFF out of the house.  We went shopping and I bought two new pairs of sandals for myself (they are both really similar but I was like: WHATEVER!!  Too Tired To Care).  Nordstrom is having some kind of like “price matching” sale right now.  I never really bought new shoes after H was born 2 years ago, I just got rid of the ones that didn’t fit so shoes are always something that I need.  I also picked up a few things at Pottery Barn Kids for the boys – they are having a “buy more save more sale”.  The people at PB Kids even let me nurse in the store… weird?  Maybe, but it was really convenient and H was suddenly super hungry as I was trying to check out.  He was super well behaved at the mall for close to 3 hours, which was a major surprise to me.  I had planned on running in and out with what we needed, but since he wasn’t fussing I just stayed and walked around.  Later, we ran out to the grocery store to literally pick up like 5 items and he was Not Good.  Figures, the short errand is the one that he had a problem with.

Here’s to Friday and finding more sleep.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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