Potty Talk

Something big happened over here last night: H pooped in the toilet for the first time.  I think potty training is right around the corner, so next month is probably a good time to start once we get a little bit more comfortable with having both a baby and H running around.  I know that a month ago none of the kids in H’s class were potty trained, but at the moment there are 2 that are actively training (both are girls).  A fun excerpt from the moment:

H (on the toilet): “shhhh, baby’s sleeping” as he holds up a finger to his mouth
Me: “Ok…”
H: [letting out loud funny gas]
Me: “OH!” – plus horrified/surprised face
H: [dying laughing]
And then over and over again for about 10 minutes.

My mom has been coming over in the mornings so that I can bring H to school and baby B can stay home and away from daycare germs for a little longer.  This morning, I was getting H strapped into his car seat and he was like, “where’s baby B?” and I said, “he’s inside with Nana.  Nana is watching him.” and he said, “No, Nana is watching TV.”  I burst out laughing.  My mom watches TV all the time, if she is in a house the TV is on, so that statement was super accurate.  Kids notice everything!

Baby B and I set out on our first stroller walk today.  I was waiting for the car seat adapter bar for the BOB to come in (I don’t like my Uppa Baby when used outside) and for it to not be like 90 degrees outside.  This morning was perfect.  He let me walk for 35 minutes while I listened to Serial (I know I’m the last person on Earth to listen to it) before deciding to have a meltdown.  I stayed very close to the house just in case this happened.  He’s generally a good baby, but sometimes he decides to be fussy and is then fussy for a couple hours before settling back down – plus he didn’t sleep great last night.  I tried a different swaddle on him, and I don’t think he liked it the way that H did.  I feel like a zombie today, a zombie with a mega sweet tooth.  Also, the next person to bring donuts over here is dead to me – omfg, I cannot resist their deliciousness.

Bennetts first walk

In awe of the world outside of the house

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