OK – That Workout HURT

Last night was really rough.  Baby B was fussy most of the afternoon and evening and night yesterday, and he was up like every 30-45 minutes for some reason.  The upside of that situation is that little H slept until almost 8am, which is much much better than waking at 5am and throwing us all for a loop AND he hasn’t cried yet today yet.  Double bonus.

My brain is pretty focused on caring for the baby right now, so it’s like not 100% working when it comes to other things.  This morning, I was like: GREAT idea, I should try T25 today.  Note: this is only 2 weeks postpartum.  So I opened the box that’s been sitting in the house for like 6 months, and got it all ready to go.  Baby B was napping, and I was barefoot and “ready to go”.  I was not ready to go.  Shit guys, I was Years from being Ready to Go.  Once it got started, I was tired after about 4 minutes and that’s not an exaggeration.  I haven’t worked out in um…4 years for various reasons, but mainly because I’m someone who never seems to have enough time and working out is always the first thing to go when I need to do other things.  Anyhow, about 7 minutes into it I peed my pants for the first time (of many) and was then reminded why most people wait until their 6 week post delivery checkup to resume activities… the cardio dvd is mostly jumping up and down.  I wasn’t aware that I had a controlling my pee problem, but when jumping up and down apparently I do!  Better to find that out at home.  Around 13 minutes into it, I was like: OMG when will this thing end?!  I made it through, but just barely.  I liked it though, it felt good to move around even if it was super painful – I might not be able to walk right tomorrow.  Here’s what I learned: a nursing bra is not the best thing to wear when jumping up and down with gigantic boobs, you might pee yourself if you try and work out too soon, and it’s a good idea to wear sneakers.  You’d think I’ve never worked out before or something… total rookie mistakes.

I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to lose baby weight.  The only reason I decided to start working out so early was because my body just felt ready.  I look about 6 months pregnant at this point, it’s fine though, I’ve experienced this already so the shock of “still looking pregnant after giving birth” is not here with me.  I know what to expect here.  I’m probably going to be in my maternity clothes for another month or so and then it will be transition clothing (so larger sizes) and then maybe 6 months from now I’ll be back to where I was.  That’s what I Expect to happen, but who knows what will play out.

momma postpartum_2 weeks

Postpartum Today – 2 weeks

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