The sound of two kids crying = Weeeee!

2 kids crying at the same exact time this morning:  H crying and screaming because he wants his “Peter” and to be held and comforted… and now several hours later I’m realizing it was a Computer that he wanted (I wouldn’t have given it to him anyway), and baby B crying because he’s hungry.  I survived that little tornado, and both kids bounced back pretty well.  I mean H hit me like 25 times while crying, but he eventually stopped crying and hitting on his own – probably because I was stuck under a boppy and infant and couldn’t really do much about it.  Ten minutes later, he was a happy camper again as if nothing happened.

Harrison tantrum

Meltdown. Excuse the bad haircut.

Saturday night, baby B (1.5 weeks old) slept almost through the entire night!  I woke him up at some point because I felt like he should eat, but I think he would have kept sleeping.  He cluster fed right before going down, so I think that is what did it.  Last night, he only slept well from 10:45-1:00 and then it was really a moderate fuss-fest for the rest of the night until around 5am when he went back to sleep for another hour.  And to make things even more fun the past 3 nights, H has been waking up Super early.  He normally sleeps until 7:30 but has been waking between 4-5:30am so that’s no good for anyone.  I think he has 2 molars, but maybe he is getting the others?  I have no idea.  He should have been tired from all of our family visitors over the weekend and he even napped well, so what is his deal?  I keep asking him if his mouth or teeth hurt and he keeps saying No… what else could it be?  Is this just what happens when toddlers get siblings and like how they cope with the change?

Overall, H is doing really well with the change to his life and routine.  He’s always curious as to what the baby is doing.  If the baby is crying, he’ll say “Baby crying – Harrison go check”, and he’ll run to where the baby is to take a peek at him.  In the mornings, he usually wants to go to school which is new.  A few weeks ago, I’d have to find a way to get him into the car and now he will usually ask for school.  More disturbingly, this morning he asked me to eat – like he wanted to nurse like the baby.  I guess it makes sense, but I was still like: AHHH!!  OK NO.

Baby B is a really good baby, and I say that meaning that everything about him is really good.  His belly button thing just fell off, and it looked really good and healed.  His circumcision is healing FAR and away better than H’s did.  He’d probably be so embarrassed that I was talking about his junk to the intewebs, but his body just recovers really well compared to what I’ve seen.  I’m noticing very minor eczema, but really it’s nothing compared to the really bad skin that H had as an infant.  His temperament is so mellow too, he’s totally cool to just chill and hang out or sleep or whatever.  He sometimes gets upset during a diaper change, but generally it’s once a cold wipe is introduced to his butt – and nobody would like that.  When he fusses, he’s just like minor to moderate crying that can be soothed and not like screaming in my face which is much appreciated.  When H used to sleep, he used to like loudly moan and groan every morning… it was really weird, but baby B doesn’t do that and I’ve gained so much sanity by not having to deal with that madness.

My worst nightmare was that this baby would be Worse than baby H.  He has proven that baby H was totally like a super tough baby that turned into a tough toddler, and baby B is practically an angel by comparison.  He’s my super baby and hopefully he stays that way!

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