Independent Man

H is now 2.4 years old.  What is it like living with him these days?  Always changing of course – amusing, hilarious, painful, fun, and trying.

  • After badgering him for about 5 minutes straight to come over to me so I could change his diaper and get him ready for his swimming lesson, he just runs away and says, “No Mama. Stop Talking.”
  • We’re in the “Why?” phase.  Everything is why why why?  At some point he asked me where someone was going or something and it happened to be late in the afternoon so I said “so and so is going home to have dinner”.  And now everything is going home to eat dinner… “Mama, where is the car going?”, “Um, I don’t know H…”, “it’s going home to have dinner.”
  • I was getting his bath ready last night, and he was pushing his tall stool across the bathroom floor (while naked) so that he could stand on it and open the shade in the bathroom.  I kept asking him to get into the tub, and finally he was just like, “H busy!” and he smiled.  Like he knew it was hilarious.  We say that we’re busy all the time – we need to stop saying that.
  • This morning as we were leaving for school, he pointed to all the baby stuff I pulled up from the basement (baby gym, car seat, etc.) and he said, “baby sleeping. Bye bye baby.”
  • Sometimes when he wakes up, he’s in a really foul mood and immediately starts asking for Daddy.  I always say that daddy is at work, but he’ll be home for dinner.  Now when he hears that he just starts saying “YES YES YES YES YES YES YES” a hundred times.  As in like – Yes, I asked for daddy and he should be here right this second.
  • H and I eat dinner together each night and I play him music, usually kids music, and he’ll be like dancing around in his chair or whatever.  Now he likes to play the piano on the arm of his chair while he’s eating and dancing, but he wants me to bob my head, I’m not allowed to play the piano too or sometimes I can play the piano but I can’t move my head or I get a “NO Mama”.
  • He’s really emotional.  I’m not sure if this is his personality or if this is his age.  Sometimes he gets really frustrated, even in just a couple seconds of doing something and he’ll say “Can’t do it!” and he’s instantly in tears.  We urge him to try again or we assist, but it doesn’t always stop the water works.
  • Thanks to Abe, H asks me for a motorcycle like a couple times a week.  He’ll just look at me and say, “Motorcycle please Mama.  Please Please Mama.”  Because ONCE Abe said, “ask Mama for a motorcycle”.  Damn Him.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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