Beached Whale Situation

Today a lady that I work with told me that it looks like I’ve dropped – meaning that the baby has moved down into like the birth canal or whatever.  This would sound promising if I had seen her at all in the past 6 months, but I think this is the first time she’s seen me pregnant with #2.  Granted, she has 3 kids so maybe she just knows when she sees it… I don’t really agree though.  I think I have a couple more weeks to go.

I do think that I’m going into the office way less now.  It took me like 10 minutes of intense waddling to get from my parking spot to my desk when it usually takes 2 minutes and I had to pee so badly the whole time.  My tendons right in my pelvis get super tight from sitting, so I’m completely like walking all kinds of ridiculous and painfully after sitting in the car.  Also – number of strangers who commented on my size just today – 3.  My favorite was, “oh girl, you’re about to pop!”  The number of not strangers who had comments today – 10 (a new all time high).  My favorite was after my boss asked everyone in my cubicle row if they wanted to go to the Red Sox game tonight, he yelled down the hall to me asking if I wanted the ticket – I laughed and shook my head at him as I was eating my lunch and he said, “HA!  I was just being polite.”  as in obviously I wouldn’t go because I can barely move.  Going the 8 steps to the printer and back is a challenge, I can’t even imagine taking on Fenway sober and very much like a beached whale.

Abe is traveling this week, he doesn’t have to travel much anymore so this is the first time in a while.  I thought it would be harder to manage H while Abe was gone, but Abe isn’t really here much anyhow.  It’s harder to manage H in general, but that’s just how it is.  I get H up and ready in the morning, and I pick him up and do dinner and bath time each night.  Sometimes after bath time, H likes to do crazy stuff – he has all sorts of high energy made up games which are all variations of chase.  Some have dinosaurs, some have bears or trucks,  some don’t need any toys, some require yelling “stand back”, etc.  Luckily, this week he hasn’t tried to play those games, and he’s really into his tools.  So after bath and before bed, he wants to watch Bob the Builder and then we sit on the ground and use his tools together – which is also done in a very specific manner.  He’s so particular. This was a good time to work on his wrench skills though.

Suddenly this week, he’s decided that he can control his pee.  Tonight after his bath, he was running around naked and I was getting his pajamas all ready for him.  He ran over to me and like braced himself as if he were getting ready to piss all over the floor and said “PEE”.  So I said, “Let’s go pee in the potty!!” and we ran to the toilet, where he peed instead of on the floor. He did this twice in 15 minutes.  I decided to wait until after the baby came to try potty training with H, which I think was the right decision since he’s really just now starting to show real interest and ability with it.  Two weeks ago, he peed on the floor in the baby’s room, laughed, then stepped in it and slipped and fell on the floor.  I’m not sure he learned anything from that.  None of the other kids in his class are potty trained yet either, which makes me feel a bit better.  They are all the same age 2.4, and one of the girls is just starting.

Something that I really fear though, is moving him from a crib to the toddler bed.  I mean maybe it won’t be as bad as I imagine… but what I imagine is him getting out of bed like 3 times in the night and coming into our room waking us up or just like being loud or whatever at all hours of the night, or waking up the baby.  He also sleeps like a maniac so I’m sure he’ll be falling out of bed frequently, even with the little bar thingie.  There are probably really good solutions to these problems – like put a baby gate at his door or the safety thing on his doorknob.  I think I’m just not ready for that situation, but like when he’s finally potty trained, is really when it happens right?  Like at some point there are no more like night time pullups and if he has to pee at night, then he gets up and uses the bathroom like a normal human being?  That just sounds like a massive production, because right now even washing his hands is a massive production.  I need the cliff notes on this, I don’t have time to read about how to potty train and move to a toddler bed!

A couple funny H things:

Instead of saying “I don’t know”, H has decided to start saying “MNO”.  He knew how to say I don’t know a few weeks ago, and now he’s shortened it.

At dinner, he makes me take off his socks…. he tugs at his socks and says “open up!”, and then he proceeds to hunt for toe lint.

Boys… he also used the F word for the first time last week.  It might have been a fluke, but I don’t think so.  He didn’t learn that from me.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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