Belated 31 Weeks and 4 Days – and Happy Easter

BABY 1 : 31 weeks 4 days

BABY 1 : 31 weeks 4 days

BABY 2 : 31 weeks and 4 days

BABY 2 : 31 weeks and 4 days

31 weeks and 4 days, and 43 inches around.  Not much growth this week, which I’m thankful for.  I read back at Baby #1’s post at this time and it turns out that last time the baby was measuring a week behind in growth, so maybe that’s why I’m so huge now?  Yeah, I’ll just go with that.  I was only 39″ for Baby #1 at this point last time.  Either way, I’m still huge.  I got on the scale and I was actually surprised that I didn’t cry.  I think that my weight is actually going well, you’d just never know by looking at this situation.  I’ve had a lot of recent sweet cravings though, like insane cravings for cookies and pie and donuts…

Things I’ve been wondering about:

Is it normal that I typically do 5 loads of laundry per week?  That’s not normal right?  When it was just me and Abe I did 2 at the most.  Like now I do: 2 loads of colors, 1 load of whites, 1 load of H’s stuff plus his weekly daycare stuff, 1 load of post-swimming lesson stuff, and then sometimes a load of sheets/towels.  I spent like a lot of time doing laundry, folding it, and putting it away each week.

I noticed that life with little H has gotten exponentially easier now that he can talk pretty well.  Like the other day when he told me his stomach hurt – I didn’t know he knew how to communicate that, but it was super helpful.  He often tells me when he’s wet… meaning he peed through a diaper.  Most of his tantrums can be calmed pretty quickly by talking through or around them too because he can tell me why he’s so upset or what he wants/needs.  Talking is probably the biggest milestone besides walking for making our lives easier.

We have the crib and the dresser now set up in the baby room.  Still looks like a disaster in there, but slow progress is being made.  The second time around, it’s so hard to get things going.  Like I forgot to order the crib mattress because I was consumed with 100 other things, so that will be coming later this week, but I’m sure there are a bunch of other things that I totally forgot about as well.  I can’t remember how long H stayed in his co-sleeper next to our bed but I know it was at least 1 month.  He was a loud and terrible sleeper though – he had a lot of bowel discomfort and would like cry and moan all the time.  I’m still not really sure what that was all about but I think it was likely his food allergies coming through my milk or something.  Anyhow, I guess one of my nieces was the same way, so my sister in law and her husband put the baby outside their door in the hallway in her crib because it was driving them insane too (third child for them)  I can’t quite imagine doing that, but I am not looking to keep the baby in our room for too long either.

I desperately need a new computer.  My MacBook Pro is like 5 years old, and every single time I use it I want to lose my mind.  The mouse is having issues so things are always being clicked on when I’m not clicking on them!, it’s asking me to do updates, and the fan is constantly running loudly.  It might just explode at any moment.  The new MacBook is coming out in like 5 days.  5 freaking days.  I just need it like here on my doorstep on the day it’s available.

This is sort of a combined post because I started it days ago and then got distracted and then suddenly it was Easter… so happy Easter everyone.

H has a lot of food allergies, so when it comes to things like Easter baskets the bunny has to get creative.  There were no sweets at all in his basket this year (or last year).  Instead he got 2 new books, a stomp rocket, bubbles, a sippy cup, and sidewalk chalk.  The rocket was a massive success.  He played with it outside for close to an hour – which is an eternity.  Then later the boys played with it inside for a bit longer (against mom’s wishes) because boys will be boys.

I think because of all the rocket excitment combined with the fact that he slept until 8am, he refused his afternoon nap and was then a cranky pants all afternoon.  There were a few mental breakdowns and normally he loves his BFF Papa, but really wanted nothing to do with him all day. He was really into Mom today, which he usually isn’t if Daddy and Papa are around.  It was tiring.  He was very interested in my camera though too, and he now thinks it belongs to him.  — Is mom ever allowed to have anything of her own?  The answer is clearly No in this house.  He took this photo of Mama:


Photo by H at 26 months

IMG_7989The Little Photographer

I’m not looking forward to a full week of work ahead.  I feel like I’m starting to totally mentally check out because I have more important things to think about now.  Also, I heard a Shake Shack is now in Back Bay – I had no idea it was even coming.  This is also super important.

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