29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_front

29 Weeks and 5 Days

29 weeks and 5 days_side

29 Weeks and 5 Days










42 1/2″ around… it grew a lot this week, which seems IMPOSSIBLE.  My body might just explode.

I’m so uncomfortable.  I can feel my stomach expanding, moving around hurts, and I have pinched nerves all over my lower back area and butt.  Crossing my legs is hard.  You would think I was already 9 months pregnant just by looking at me – seriously.  I feel it too, like I’m ready to give birth.  I regularly feel like the baby is going to fall out too.  That’s not pleasant.  I didn’t even bother try to get back in shape after H, but this time I would like to Try and get my stomach muscle tone back if they will go back after being so stretched out – more to come on that one!  I should get a trainer for real.

We MIGHT have some movement on the name front.  We had a name, but then we found a name that we like a bit better which we actually agree more on.  It was originally on H’s list a few years ago and suddenly made a reappearance.  We’ll see if it makes it to the end though.

The baby room still hasn’t been painted or furnished or anything, but we have the paint and the furniture so it’s not as bad as it seems.  I even have prints to hang on the walls with frames and a rug on the way.  Things are progressing there, just not in a way that you can see.  We’re trying to push forward on a kitchen upgrade simultaneously as well, which sounds like something only insane people do, but that’s pretty much us.

We had a baby visit last weekend, and H was really into the baby.  At one point he laughed and said “baby crazy!” He was always really interested to see what she was doing and didn’t mind when Mom or Dad held her either.  We were pretty surprised at his level of interest.

Today I tried out MAC Russian Red lipstick (matte).  This so far is my least favorite – it has a bit too much orange for my liking.  I don’t think that the pictures with apparently really favorable lighting accurately show the level of orange going on but much like Ruby Woo the staying power is amazing and was almost hard to get off.  Maybe my blue shirt makes it look less… sophisticated, like too much is going on maybe.  Overall, I don’t think this one works for me.

laura_mac russian red 2

Mac Russian Red

laura_mac russian red

Mac Russian Red





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