28 Weeks and 4 Days

28 weeks and 4 days

Baby 2 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days

Baby 1 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days

Baby 1 : 28 Weeks and 4 Days










My bump is much bigger with Baby 2, like it’s projecting forward like one would not believe.  I am amazed every time I look at it.  This baby is also non stop kicking me.  H used to be very active at lunchtime and then in the evening.  This kid is active All the time.  I’m worried he doesn’t sleep, which means he just doesn’t like to sleep, which means he won’t sleep when he gets here – that’s like an actual fear.

I’m currently 41″ around.  The winter coat will no longer close, and at least 5 people have commented on my size this week already.  Like not strangers either, like people I know.  I’m so big that my maternity swim suit from last time is too small, it is a tankini and does not fully cover my belly and last time it totally did.

Last week, my boots wouldn’t zip up.  Yesterday, I wore tights and a dress for the first time all winter and I didn’t recognize my legs.  I am starting to retain water I guess?  Or my legs just look and feel big when they are usually pretty normal.  My face hasn’t puffed up yet though, which I’m thankful for (last time my face got really big) and I can still wear my rings so my hands seem fine too.

I’m not feeling great overall.  Last week was the worst week I’ve had in a long time.  My energy level was like -100 and I had a lot of stomach aches and headaches and body aches.  My doctor told me to take Zantac daily and I should feel better.  She thought that food was getting stuck and just not digesting well.  Even cooking dinner was a major major task and some nights it just didn’t even happen.  This week seems a bit better.  I’m exhausted, and feeling a lot of pelvic pain especially after sitting for too long.  My lower back is bothering me a lot in bed but like so it feels like the alignment is all off, not like muscular or anything.  I’m also not sleeping well.  I wake up at least 2 x each night and sometimes I’m up from 4am-on or something outrageous.

My current favorite dessert: 1 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream with 2 oreos crumbled on top (the Zantac is really helping).  I don’t even like ice cream.  In my non-pregnancy life, I would never ever choose to eat ice cream over something else like a brownie or a cookie or a piece of cake.  My sweet tooth is so crazy right now.

I’m still experimenting with red lipsticks… and I’m still not super comfortable with it.  Today is MAC Ruby Woo – which apparently is like their most popular red color, and instantly I was like: people here in Boston do not wear this color in public.  They just don’t, this is not LA.  It looks really nice in photos (the staying power is also Super Impressive), but if I were to show up Anywhere else like this, people would stare at my clown face for sure.  And if I were to wear this to a meeting or something – like forget it, the world would not take THIS seriously.

laura ruby woo

Ruby Woo

laura ruby woo 2

Ruby Woo









Don’t worry, I have a couple more shades of red to test out.  The perfect one for me has to be out there right?  Or maybe I’ll just get more comfortable with seeing something so dramatic on my face…

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