Third Trimester – Holy Cow

The third trimester has arrived over here.  That statement set of a flurry of motion over the weekend: the nursery furniture has been ordered and will be here this week, which is way faster than we had it for baby H.  His furniture was ordered early but didn’t arrive until about 2 weeks before he arrived.

We went a different route this time for the crib and dresser.  H’s crib is a convertible crib (toddler bed, then full sized bed), but it was also far too high for me.  I didn’t realize that cribs came in various heights, I seriously thought there was just like a standard because they were all just tall.  Turns out, it’s possible to find lower to the ground cribs for shorties like me (I’m 5’2″).  I was 2 seconds away from buying a crib on Pottery Barn Kids because it was marketed to short people and called “low profile” and it was on sale. The conversion kit has to be purchased separately though and there was an extra fee for “handling” which is obnoxious.  The only reason I didn’t buy it was because it was only convertible to a toddler bed and not a full sized bed too.  For less money (but still costly enough that I felt like it would be well made), I found another nice looking crib at the same lower height, that also only converted to a toddler bed but the toddler bed rail came with the crib, so really it was a Lot less money and just as nice looking with excellent reviews – crib by Babyletto from Amazon.  I was also 2 seconds away from buying a small dresser from PB Kids, but I paused when I saw a $100 delivery fee.  The wall space in the new baby room is a bit limited because it’s a small room with a lot of windows.  I found a dresser that looked pretty much exactly the same at Target with the same measurements, also with excellent reviews and hardwood, and 1/2 the price of PB Kids.  Both the crib and the dresser will be here this week as opposed to waiting like 16 weeks for delivery where we got H’s bedroom set – not that I think the baby is coming asap or anything, but it’s good to get things settled.

baby cribbaby dresserWe’re really not like bargain hunters or anything due to laziness and time constraints, but we just knew that we wanted to try a different direction from H’s bedroom.  His set is from a local children’s furniture place that a lot of people really raved about, and it was well made but also really expensive and the crib height was a problem that wasn’t realized until he was about 4-5 months and the mattress went down a level.  I had to use a little step stool in order to put him down in his crib without waking him and it was a huge pain in the ass.  As he got a little older, I had to lean my entire body on the rail in order to slowly lower him in there – I almost fell in many times.  The good news is that it is very sturdy…

Baby H had a couple of bad nights of sleeping last week – Wed and Thurs, and at the time I couldn’t figure out why.  Fast forward to last night, and I’m brushing his teeth as he’s yelling at me and it turns out that he’s getting a molar.  I saw a tiny white tip poking through, and I wasn’t able to get  really good look so there could be more than 1 but I think that is probably why he was waking last week.  The good news is that I know how to handle it if he has discomfort in the coming weeks, the bad news is that teething is the pits.  He’s really sensitive towards it.

Because I was so effing tired over the weekend from lack of sleep, I fell down the stairs holding H.  It was only the last 4 steps of the carpeted stairs, so it wasn’t Super bad.  My foot just slipped out from under me somehow, and I landed flat on my back with stair corners going right into the center of my back – and H landed mostly on top of me.  I was like in silent screaming pain, and didn’t get up right away, and so H started to have a mental breakdown because he was scared but OK.  I’m still hurting from this incident.  The baby seems fine, he’s been moving and kicking ever since just like he normally is.  This event also reminds me that I’m getting older and that my body just doesn’t heal and bounce back the way that it used to.

H quickly recovered from our fall, and on Sunday we went to the Boston Children’s Museum with friends and he probably had the best day out in public that he’s had in 3 months.  There were only a couple super minor fits, but overall he was a really good boy and truly enjoyed everything in the museum.  He even sat in a bakery/restaurant and ate lunch without losing his shit when we were done – we had been avoiding restaurants because the last couple of times were BAD.  He’s refusing the high chair and the booster seat.  Then he even made it through Whole Foods without incident, he just wanted to help push the cart.

harrison talking on phone_museumIn case anyone was wondering, H has not hit me since I had the behavioral consult at his school so I haven’t really been able to address that with him… but we have been working on giving him choices (which works well) and giving advance notice of things (continues to work well).

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