Chop Chop

laura hair 2 12 2015I cut off all my hair yesterday… don’t mind the lopsided angle, it’s actually the same length on both sides.

It was one of those total FREAK OUT moments where I just hated my hair because it truly changed so much since my first pregnancy that I just wanted to start fresh.  Everything is different about it these days: the color is lighter, the texture is not as silky smooth, it’s easily damaged and damaged looking, and it’s a whole lot of blah.  I’m a lot happier with less of it.  This is probably the shortest it’s been in over 10 years, and I thought it would be harder to let go of something that felt that I needed so much.  I felt like I used my hair to hide behind or whatever, and now I’m just like Eff It.  Like who the Eff cares?!  After I give birth to baby #2 (who is only 3 months away BTW), I’m going to get some highlights too.  This is not wild and crazy to most people, but for me, it’s like a big thing.  I just hate sitting there getting my hair done for so long and so frequently, but I think sometimes change is important and feeling good about oneself is even more important.

Also, last night I realized that the baby is going to be here pretty soon so I better start preparing or something.  There is a Pottery Barn Kids Friends and Family Sale going on today, so I ordered the curtains and the mobile that go with the bedding that we already have.  We still need to paint the room, get furniture, a diaper pail, a changing pad, a rug, a sound machine, and a monitor and I feel like those basics will be enough to get by or like say we’re basically done.  We somewhat have a name.  It’s not truly final, but we have 1 name that we both like at this moment in time – which is pretty huge considering we couldn’t decide on baby H’s name until the day we left the hospital.  Things are sort of progressing…

Little H is driving us INSANE right now.  He’s been sick in some way or another for like 4 weeks.  It was a cold, then a double ear infection with bronchiolitis, then his cold never went away, and it’s still here really.  Last night, he woke up like 4 times.  I was up with that dude from 1:30-3:30am.  He was sleeping on me, like upright so he could breath out of his nose, but if I laid him down he’d get all stuffed again and would like wake up and freak the Eff out.  Nights are bad.  I heard there is a 2 year sleep regression too, which I think we’re totally experiencing.  He resists bedtime, and he used to be so good about just laying down and going right to sleep on his own.  Now, I put him down and he stands up and screams for like 30 minutes (it’s been like 2 weeks of this).  He will usually eventually fall asleep after that, but once in a while I’ll have to go in there and rub his back to help him nod off.  I think it’s like sleep regression and like separation anxiety maybe – he became extra attached to me after we were home together for 10 days straight during his illnesses.  Anyhow, I don’t know what to do here.  He’s driving us nuts, we’re exhausted, he’s been tired, and at this point I don’t even feel like we can leave him with a babysitter so we can go out to dinner or anything.  Like that’s how bad he is right now at night, and we really need a night out!!

I don’t even know where to go from here with H’s sleeping issues – any thoughts?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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