Crazy Kids

I had to go back in for another ultrasound last week – it was weird, like the nurses were just like “oh the photo wasn’t that great, we need to have you seen again but this time at the hospital and with a specialist” and then I get there and the doctor is like “the nuchal folds looked a bit thick, that’s the reason you are here, but I’m not worried about it” and I was seriously like “…WTF!”  She was really chill about the situation, so in the end I was like Whatever Ok.  Baby is fine, and they re-confirmed the gender after I told them I like seriously had to know again, and it’s still a boy.  They even printed me a photo with an arrow pointing at the penis (I can’t tell what’s going in there)…that’s a baby book keeper.

Baby Cho 2_it's a boy 1 13 2015

Once the gender was re-confirmed, I ordered the nursery bedding because I had a coupon code that was about to expire (admittedly without that coupon code I would probably still be debating what to buy).  I might actually be ahead of the game this time around because I even ordered a print for a wall – but the momentum could come to a screeching halt once we start on the furniture since we don’t have a plan there or even the inkling of a plan.

Little H is pushing limits in this house.  I just ordered 3 toddler parenting books.  He is so strong headed, and he is very emotional.  Also, he’s like super smart and he knows how to act with different people – which drives me nuts.  He hits me a lot because I’m more strict with him and that’s of course no fun.  Just this morning he hit me with his hand, and then tried to hit me with his hammer.  His Hammer!  I’m not equipped to handle this.  Abe tried to give him a time-out, which he still doesn’t really understand but once he stopped crying and calmed down he walked over to me and gave me a hug without being asked.  So that’s nice.  It also shows me that he understands that he knows he did something wrong, but he can’t seem to grasp the full concept yet.

Later in the evening, H was being a real pill.  He was just demanding things left and right and weepy and whatever with Abe here.  The level of his frustration was at like a 9 (I think Abe’s was like a 12).  Then he sits down to dinner with me, Abe leaves to go out, and H is totally normal again.  He didn’t even really eat, but he did a complete 180 and was back to being a playful fun kid.  He was agreeable to 100% of what I asked of him for the next 3 hours, including diaper changes and going to bed.  We played with Duplos, “cleaned” or waived around a Swiffer duster, did some artwork, played catch, ate a couple popscicles, jumped on the trampoline, laundry, watched football even, and all of it was without any drama at all.  I am wondering if it’s because he expects daddy to cave to his every request  or because he was just feeling rather moody before.  Toddlers are the most confusing life forms on this planet – or mine is at least!

When he was jumping on the trampoline, I sang this silly little song to him that I used to sing when he was a baby in his jumper… like back when he was like 7 months old.  He is jumping like a maniac and just says to me, “No Mama, No baby.”  Did he just have a flashback to being a baby in the jumper and me singing a song about him being a jumping bean??  He probably meant to say something else.  Either way, I stopped singing that song because he freaked me out and clearly this 2 year old is not a baby.  I’m totally going to be that mom that’s always embarrassing her son in public by forgetting he’s like a grown man or whatever.  I’m going to end up calling him my Little H Bear when he turns 21 and thinking nothing of it.  I guess that’s a mother’s right though.

I ate a whoopie pie for dinner. That’s also my right!

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  1. doriandean says:

    Sweet post, glad to have found you. Your little one is precious as well.

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