He Speaks, and It Kicks

Three weeks ago, I was pretty concerned over H’s verbal abilities.  The minute we got back from our family vacation, his vocabulary seemed to multiply x 3.  He’s even connecting words now!  The other day he said, “YAY big truck!! Bye Truck, see ya Monday!”  and like it wasn’t really proper use of “Monday” but everything else was right on.  In general he’ll usually be able to put 2 words together and a third if he’s feeling extra confident, but that’s really it.  He can say things like “No Mama”, “more juice please”, “No way”, and he can even say his first and last name now.  It is a major improvement, I’m no longer concerned.  Today, he pointed to my chest and said “heart” and then pointed to his chest and said “Harrison heart”… and it might have been because my shirt had hearts on it or he might have learned that in school because we certainly haven’t taught him that one!  Thank goodness for school (he also aged up into a new classroom last week!  Such a big kid).  Today, he even peed in the potty – twice!  We haven’t stared potty training yet, but it’s a good sign that he was willing to do it more than once in a day.

Since Thanksgiving, he’s also seemed to lose his hilarious buddha belly.  He’s slimmed down a bit, and seemed to be spreading his weight around more evenly.  I think he’s eating a bit better too, more fruits and veggies and less empty foods (Thank you Nutritionist).  Yesterday I noticed that his head looked really huge and he just seemed like a little lollipop running around in a diaper and he used to look so much more belly-ish.  I was a little worried that he’d keep that belly forever!  It was really endearing though…

After our traveling adventures, we had a really rough week trying to get him back into his routine – his sleeping was bad, his temperament was super bad (mostly with me for some reason.  The tantrums were just epic.), and he grew even more attached to daddy.  He wakes up in the morning and wants daddy right away, he will say “daddy” 5,000 times from the time he wakes up to the time we get downstairs and he starts to drink his milk and really wake up with a few minutes of Arthur.  If I’m on my own in the morning, it’s really hit or miss if we can make it out of the house in one piece.  If daddy is around to help, it’s much easier.  This really came out of nowhere though, a month ago, he never would have cared if daddy was around in the mornings and now it’s like of the utmost importance to him.

Our near term goal is to cut his hair.  We tried to bring him in for a haircut and it was a super bad idea.  His stranger danger was far too great to be overcome.  So I finally, after a very long time, cut the back and sides of his hair but the top and front remain and that will be the hardest part with him freaking out and batting me away.  I’d love to get it done before Christmas, but who knows if it will work out.

Our long term goal is to manage the nap situation.  I feel very strongly that it needs to be addressed now.  Abe doesn’t feel strongly at all about it.  I think it’s gotten way out of control.  He will only nap in Abe’s arms or in the car and then in his arms (at home), while at school he will go lay down on a mat and sleep for almost 2 hours without protesting.  If we put him in his crib, he will cry and scream and protest for what seems like ages.  He’s playing us.  The child is winning.  I don’t want to let him win anymore because this pregnant lady is too tired and impatient to deal with it.  The other long term goal is to try and get him through the stranger danger phase… but that should happen naturally I think?

This pregnancy has been not so fun.  I’m 16 weeks, 6 days today.  Yesterday, I fell down the stairs as I was thinking about work and tweaked my neck.  On Monday, I slipped forward like 10 feet and fell flat on my face on a super hard surface with my work bag and lap top bag weighing me down.  My knees are really bruised now.  I can’t remember the last time I took a spill that badly but it turns out that my shoe had lost the little nub on the heel so it was like super slippery on an already slippery floor so like: death.  I need to buy new boots.  Food is like the most uninteresting thing in the world to me right now.  Most nights, I just nibble at something.  Food just doesn’t sound or look good to me most of the time, and cooking it sounds even less appealing.  That might be a good thing so I don’t even up gaining too much weight, but it could also just be a phase.  My belly is big, but I actually think there are some people who still don’t know that I’m pregnant so I think the initial growth has slowed.

I’ve felt the baby kick a few times, it’s not that often, but it’s here and there and much earlier than with H.  I’ve also had Braxton Hicks contractions already, which seems really soon to me, but apparently it’s normal in the second trimester for some people.  I think that means I need to slow down, drink more water, and take better care of myself.  Not that I’m running around really, but I’m stressed and exhausted quite a bit and I’m always forgetting to drink water.  I don’t know though, maybe this is normal and I just forget!

We are just trying to make it to Christmas, I think we can get there.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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