12 Weeks 5 Days

Laura_12 weeks 5 days pregnant_smallI’m almost into my second trimester.  I think that the morning sickness might finally be behind me.  For me, that’s the worst part about pregnancy, it’s just horrible to feel like that all of the time.  At this point, I just feel tired a lot.

I went for genetic testing and had an ultrasound done.  The baby looks unusually huge to me – they said it’s normal though.  What doesn’t seem too normal to me is the size of the baby’s belly!  Look at that thing.  It’s like H’s belly in real life.

Ultrasound_12 weeks 5 daysI feel kind of bad for this baby already.  I used to really take care to record my pregnancy progress with H, but like… life.  Even this post took me like a week to write, so at this point I’m into my 13th week.  I can’t ever remember to charge my nice camera, the little remote thingy for it is out of batteries, and I have no idea where the tripod is anyhow.  I’m working full time, trying to take care of H, and there are always 100 things on the to-do list.  The other day, I had to run out for an emergency grocery shopping trip because otherwise nobody was going to be eating that night.  I’m assuming this is all really normal for a second/third/fourth kid, right?

The cravings with this baby are so funny: cheesy queso dip, pizza, donuts, ketchup.  With little H, I seemed to crave Big Macs a lot, but I have been pretty turned off be ground beef this time around.  It’s so different at times now though – food flavors are sometimes really intense.  Like the whole ketchup situation is crazy.  I’ve always been a big ketchup lover, but the way it tastes to me now is like a whole new experience.  With H, I use to get cravings for like a day and then they’d be gone but now I’ll get them for days.  I was craving donuts like 3 days ago, and I finally got them last night and I have been feeling very satisfied eating them ever since.  I’m going to have to throw them out today or I fear I might all of them!

Things that I will be taking advantage of: maternity pants during the holidays.  I’m a little sad that we won’t be having the holiday with my family this year, only because I think the food is better.  But that means that we’ll be doing Christmas at our house and you can bet there will be a serious spread going on.  I’m already thinking about the menu and the assorted desserts.  I think little H will even have some special cookies this time.  I’m drooling just thinking about 1 month from now.  Stretchy pants!!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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