Bear Update

I tried sitting down to put a post together for weeks, days, hours, and it just wasn’t happening.  There was always something else to be done – like rummaging through the house for a piece of chocolate or breaking down 50 cardboard boxes for recycling day or making H’s new obsession – hash browns.

H’s allergy results came back – he’s still allergic to every thing he was before plus sesame.  It was a really terrible ordeal (blood test and skin test), and luckily we don’t have to go through it again until next year.  Our dreams of ordering him pancakes at a restaurant have been postponed.  I’m also now realizing that he’s getting kind of big… in the belly.  Like he might be getting a little chubby, so he’s certainly getting enough to eat, but honestly I’m not sure he can see his feet when he looks down.

Yesterday we went to see a Dermatologist to talk about all of H’s skin issues: eczema, dry itchy skin, rashes, etc.  After keeping me waiting for what felt like a toddler eternity, we were seen and I think it was a dr./patient match made in heaven.  This guy was super old, but he had 4 kids of his own with lots of skin and diaper rash issues, and he was just really great.  He had loads of suggestions to treat the problems based on his own experience and his medical experience (he was clear on which was which too) he shot down what the pediatrician had said and offered different advice, which I’m more than happy to take since the Pedi’s advice wasn’t working – but then again, one can’t expect a general pediatrician to have all of the answers.  I left there feeling like the world was going to be a lot less itchy for the bear, and H actually ran out of the office building like he was feeling pretty good about the appointment too.  I spent like a hundred dollars on supplies after that, but only because everything I buy has to be in multiples with his multiple care givers (daycare, Nana, and me).  Tip worth spreading: for a kid’s sensitive skin, instead of spending $25 on a fancy organic body wash (Like I was), Dove Sensitive bar soap is what the dermatologist recommends!  MIND BLOWN!!  I seriously was like: “So California Baby, and Aquaphor wash aren’t as good, are you sure, are you kidding?!”   Second tip: Specialists are worth seeing, even if they keep you waiting or book out far in advance or cost a higher copay.

We also got two new prescription ointments for his eczema/itching.  One of them is for the body.  The other one is for the crotch.  I asked several times that they make sure the instructions notate the location!  If this doesn’t work, then I don’t even know.  His crotch itching is still happening.  The one thing that I’ve finally realized is that keeping him on Zyrtec daily helps the itch, but it doesn’t make it go away 100%.

So yeah that’s an update on all of the bear’s many many ailments.

photo 1(4)On the very very upside – he’s been sleeping really well.  Shhh don’t tell him though, I don’t think he knows yet.

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